Seven Agents Against Colds and Flu Around The World

Remember as a child you were treated with folk remedies for colds, for example, allowed to drink tea with raspberries or forced to breathe hot steam? Sometimes, as adults, we turn to them, because many of the everlasting tools help cope with unpleasant symptoms. Tips from around the world to help in the fight against colds and flu.

Woman Holding a Mug with a Handkerchief to Her NoseJapan
Some of the Japanese folk remedies to combat the symptoms of the common cold. Pickled plum heated on the fire until it begins to burn, pour very hot green tea and drink to lower the temperature. If brewed in boiling water for ginger, lemon and honey, get a drink, help from nasal congestion. A sore throat, according to the Japanese, finely chopped leeks and ginger help (they are mixed with miso paste and diluted with hot water).

South Africa
South Africa has always known about the health properties of garlic – “natural antibiotic”. So ill give a cold soup with lots of garlic. Tradition also recommends breathe fumes brewed in hot water, turmeric, to cope with the cold. Cough in South Africa use syrup of black pepper and honey.

North America
Native American healers have used this remedy for colds of herbs: two teaspoons of Chickweed and mullein per liter of boiling water stir and leave for half an hour. This broth should be drunk warm on one cup every three hours. If you drink it means to lie down all day and the next day the condition will improve dramatically.

Old recipe for Scottish sailors to fight the common cold – hot rum and pepper. Another piece of advice – drink tea made from nettles and go to the shore, breathe the sea air. It benefits from a stuffy nose.

In Serbia, for children with a sore throat make caramel drink. To do this, dissolve three tablespoons of sugar in water, add a cup of milk and heat over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until the drink is smooth. It is recommended to drink hot. From the common cold as a mixture of plum brandy, hot water and sugar.

The indigenous population of Colombia is struggling with a cold with strong smells. At a cold inhaled mixture of minced garlic, bay leaf and nutmeg.

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends the herb astragals in the form of pills or tinctures. It helps the immune system and reduces the symptoms of the common cold. Another traditional Chinese remedy – “White Flower Oil”. It is a blend of oils of wintergreen, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, lavender and pepper. She rubbed on the chest and back, as well as under the nose to relieve cough and runny nose.

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