Asthma – Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Have you ever seen an attack of asthma?
The man gasps, wheezes … In the eyes of laps panic and fear … The attack ends vibrating dry cough and discharge of thick glassy phlegm.

Agree, this is scary! No wonder even the title of asthma «asthma» translated as asthma. Thus, asthma is a chronic disorder of the airways, which are the main features of asthma, chronic cough, wheezing.

However, asthma may not appear immediately. Preceded by a certain state, the so-called predastma. What is predastma? This is a manifestation of chronic allergic rhinitis. In addition to its main manifestations predastmy include dry cough that persists after the use of conventional antitussives. There is a cough, usually in the morning or at night after undergoing a viral infection, bronchitis or pneumonia and may be accompanied by shortness of breath unexpressed. But asthma attacks are not typical for this phase.

When there are attacks of breathlessness, asthma goes into clinical form. Development of an attack individually for different patients and the circumstances that cause it, too, may be different. For atopic asthma attack can cause contact with the allergen, and for infectious-allergic asthma may develop an attack against the backdrop of strong emotions during the respiratory disease, or spontaneously. There is a difference and in the development of the attack. Atopic asthma symptoms appear suddenly and develop rapidly after exposure to the allergen. And with infectious-allergic asthma attack symptoms occur gradually and slowly gaining strength.

Symptoms of asthma

Asthma attacks are usually develops suddenly, but can be observed and its precursors, such as the sudden appearance of a runny nose, itchy skin, tightness in the chest. At the time of the attack the patient feels marked tightness in chest, restlessness, difficulty breathing. The patient in this situation prefer to sit, leaning with his hands. This posture helps to include in the act of breathing more muscle.

As soon as the patient grows choking in his breast appear dry wheezing, which can be heard even at a distance. Patient’s breathing during an attack of shortness of very. The hardest thing he is given a breath. The chest of a patient during an attack of extended neck veins swollen. The attack may last from several minutes to several hours. Then the patient’s breathing gradually becomes easier. After the attack, a cough, which is allocated a small amount of viscous “glassy” sputum. Sometimes the sputum may be released in the form of cylinders, which retain the shape of the bronchi.

But there is even more serious condition in bronchial asthma – status asthmaticus. It is a very long and severe attack of asthma, which threatens the patient’s life. Particularly severe asthmatic status occurs in children and the elderly. For such an asthmatic attack also characterized by the fact that drugs that used to stop attacks of asthma, suddenly become ineffective. And it is this fact can lead to coma patient, and sometimes death.

Outside of asthma attacks manifested persistent dry cough, sore throat and sometimes a runny nose. In the long a patient may be concerned about shortness of breath.

“Thank God I do not care” – you sigh with relief. Is this true? Because asthma does not appear out of thin air.

The causes of asthma

Here are some reasons that can cause this disease:

Do you suffer from allergies? You know what’s causing it? It may be house dust, animal dander, strong odors, pollen, insect bites, foods, medications, chemicals and so on. Once appearing, allergies will improve. Bronchial asthma – one of the results of such a source progressa. Opredelit allergies is vital to prevent it from strengthening.
No allergies? Viruses, fungi, bacteria and worms (helminths) also may contribute to asthma.
Does your family asthma? Genetic predisposition can not be discounted.
Chronic stress (where do without him?) – The source of many diseases.
And now remember how many times have you yourself, and prevailed against the flu or bronchitis to go to work? It also could serve as a trigger for the occurrence of asthma.
Asthma is treated strictly under medical supervision. But in any case is not self-medicate, do not put yourself in the experiments. Only a specialist pulmonologist can pick you up for proper treatment. If the responsible to yourself for you can achieve a stable remission. Such remission sometimes takes years.

What can you do to achieve this effect?

Keep home and workplace in perfect order;
Pets (sadly) to attach it in good hands;
Excluded from the diet foods that cause allergies;
If conditions cause asthma attacks, change jobs;
During flowering plants take antihistamines prophylactically;
Avoid hypothermia, not to provoke colds.
I want to remind you that the doctors are practically powerless to help you if you casually refer to themselves.

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