Banana Diet – A Delicious Weight Loss

Each woman will sooner or later starts to think about how to have a beautiful figure and throw a couple extra pounds. In so doing, it comes to the aid of various tools for losing weight and thousands of types of diets. Banana diet refers to the mono-diet, easy to carry and helps to quickly get rid of extra pounds. The most common are two variants of banana diet: more rigid, a three or four days, and a milder version, which you want to keep for a week.

banana diet

Which to choose bananas
The diet gave the expected result, it is important to choose the main product for it – bananas. Online you can find fruit, fodder and dried bananas. Fruit bananas are usually of medium size, have a thin rind and sweet taste different. The rind of ripe fruit banana yellow, unripe green bananas is better not to buy, because they contain poorly digestible material. Forage and dried bananas also are not suitable for the diet.
Sweet fruity banana taste good, well saturated, so the banana diet quite easy to carry. Before use, the bananas are washed well, peel and remove white thread, leaving only the pulp. Sweet banana pulp is not only nourishing, it contains a lot of fructose, glucose and sucrose, so bananas are a kind of antidepressant.

Advantages and disadvantages of banana diet
The main advantage of bananas – a high content of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Despite the high calorie content of bananas, a mono-diet promotes weight loss, cholesterol levels, stimulates the bowels naturally cleanses the body of accumulated toxins.Banana Diet normalizes the entire gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolic processes and positively affect the skin condition.Among other things, bananas delivered into the body a lot of potassium, which is required for normal heart muscle.

The main drawback of the banana diet, like any other mono-diet is fast gaining weight back when you return to the usual menu.Banana diet is not suitable for those losing weight, who has idiosyncrasy of bananas. Before you use the banana diet, consult with your doctor, especially if there are any chronic diseases.

Preparing for the banana diet
To move to a banana diet for the body did not stress this, it is necessary before beginning a diet to prepare the body. The day before the diet of the usual diet excludes all fatty, fried, sweet, smoked and salted. From the usual products are welcome only light meals and drinks should be replaced by any green or herbal tea and mineral water without gas. Such a discharge day will help the body to tune in to a new diet, avoiding abrupt change eating habits and the emergence of possible health problems.

Hard banana diet option
The first version of the banana diet is designed for three to four days and gets rid of it from time to two or three extra pounds. In addition to bananas in the menu of three or four days is skim milk. Total for the day in this version of the diet can eat three bananas and drink three glasses of milk to eat and drink at regular intervals. In addition to milk you can drink any herbal tea, green tea and mineral water without gas. Hard version of banana diet is not suitable for any problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Better in this case, consult with your doctor, unless contraindicated, to choose the second option banana diet.

Mild variant banana diet
The second option allows you to fold the banana diet to one kilogram a day, and just such a diet can last anywhere from three to seven days. During the day on a banana diet can eat three pounds of bananas, while the number of meals is not limited. When a diet for a week to be additionally included in the diet of one egg every two to three days.

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