How to Tell If Your Bird Is Sick

Birds can become ill just like any other pet. However, if you catch their symptoms in the early stages you can prevent them from becoming overly sick. But, to do this you will have to make sure that you are watching your chirping friend closely whenever you think something may be wrong with them. Below we have compiled together some of the symptoms that you should be on the lookout for. If you notice that your bird may be experiencing some of these symptoms make sure that you take them to the vet immediately.

sick bird

• Breathing only when their mouth is open: One of the first signs you will notice if your bird has a respiratory problem will be the fact that they only breathe when they have their mouth open. Once you observe this symptom in your pet it is very important to see a vet immediately. Respiratory problems in birds are very common and they are extremely serious as well. Depending on how long your pet has been sick it may even require for him or her to be hospitalized for a while. However, this is something that you should not take lightly.

• Unusual looking feathers: Birds are one of the cleanest pets that you can every have. They are known for taking extra care of themselves when it comes to their appearance. You will never see a bird moving about with dirty, clumpy feathers unless they are sick. So, if you notice that your bird isn’t keeping its hygiene and appearance up like it normally does be sure to monitor them extra closely. If you notice that they are not eating like they normally do then it means they have some type of illness and need to be seen by a vet.

• Less Talkative: You and your bird are probably the best of friends and whenever you come around he or she is always super chatty. If you notice that your bird is not their usual chipper and chatty self then this is something that you want to pay attention to. In some ways humans and birds are similar especially when it comes to becoming ill. A bird like a human is not going to want to talk or be bothered when they are sick. If you notice that your bird stays like this for more than two days then it will be time to schedule a trip to the vet.

Those are just a few of the main symptoms that we alert you that your bird is ill. However, if you feel as though something is not right about your bird don’t be afraid to take them to the vet. Besides, it is better for you to take them and nothing is wrong than to not take them and something be wrong. Think about it you owe it to your chipping pal. They stand beside you through both the thick and the thin. So, it is your duty to make sure that they are always feeling well.

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