Lung cancer – Types and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

The diagnosis “cancer” is a person always listens to, like a sentence. And reacts differently to it. Someone goes into itself, closed, crying. And someone is trying to keep the stroke of fate and continues to fight no matter what. Here are just a thought in my head spinning, “Why he came at me?”. Only for smokers is clear. After all, […]

Clinical Manifestations of Lung Cancer

It must be said that the specific symptoms that are characteristic for lung tumors does not exist. All manifestations of lung cancer due to location, size, degree of tumor spread, the general reaction to the neoplastic process and its complications, and concomitant diseases of respiratory and cardiovascular systems. In the development of tumor can be […]

Classification of Gastric Cancer

Stage 1 – a small, well-limited tumor, located deep in the mucosa and sub mucosa of stomach, regional metastasis not. Stage 2 – a tumor of large size, growing into the muscle layers of stomach, but not germinating serous cover. The stomach maintains mobility in the immediate regional lymph node metastases single. Stage 3 – […]