How to Plan a Water Garden

Garden pools are often called water gardens. The two terms have become somewhat interchangeable. But if we look at water gardens from the point of view of landscape design, we can define the term more precisely and say that a water garden is a garden (or a part of a larger landscaped area) where water […]

How to Enhance a Garden Pool

There are various ways to enhance the looks of a pool apart from the shaping of the border. Placing a Wooden Bridge You can buy wooden bridges in various sizes and models all ready to set up. But in most cases you must prepare the site where the bridge is to stand yourself. To prevent […]

How to Choose Trees and Shrubs

Both trees and shrubs give height, structure, a sense of scale, as well as a feeling of permanence to our gardens, and no garden is complete without them. All trees and shrubs contain woody tissue which forms the skeleton of the plant and stays unchanged throughout the year. They can be either deciduous, losing their […]

How to Build an Ornamental Pool

The most noteworthy quality of this kind of pool is its versatility, for an ornamental pool can be set up to accommodate not only stocked fish but wild visitors as well, creatures like frogs, dragonflies, and water striders. And there is not just one kind of fish that is appropriate. Pumpkin seed sunfish, chub, black […]