How to Plan a Water Garden

Garden pools are often called water gardens. The two terms have become somewhat interchangeable. But if we look at water gardens from the point of view of landscape design, we can define the term more precisely and say that a water garden is a garden (or a part of a larger landscaped area) where water […]

How to Enhance a Garden Pool

There are various ways to enhance the looks of a pool apart from the shaping of the border. Placing a Wooden Bridge You can buy wooden bridges in various sizes and models all ready to set up. But in most cases you must prepare the site where the bridge is to stand yourself. To prevent […]

How to Set Up a Garden Stream Bed

The great variability of natural streams cannot be duplicated in a garden stream, but is a useful ideal to keep in mind. The more it is part of our conception, the more attractive and interesting the stream will turn out to be. We are not talking here about copying nature, which we could not do […]

How to Create a Marsh Garden

If you are primarily interested in aquatic plants you will derive a great deal of enjoyment from a marsh garden. Many plants thrive in places where the ground stays wet all year, and they come in the loveliest shapes and colors. Anyone building a pool should at the same time set up a marsh bed […]

How to Solve Different Types of Lawn Problems

Worms Worm casts on lawns drive sonic gardeners mad, but I won’t hear a bad word said against nature’s helpers. They are busy conditioning and aerating the soil under your lawn roots. Stop moaning and brush the casts away on a dry morning. Leatherjackets One is normally blissfully unaware of leatherjackets (legless grubs of the […]