Gardening Drainage Techniques

Although conditioning the soil with well-rotted organic matter improves its structure and helps drainage, there arc extra methods to help with waterlogged soils, caused by tightly packed particles of silt and clay, or a high water table. Where wet soil is a problem, analyze the symptoms and causes carefully and decide on a plan of […]

Different Kinds of Garden Panel

Close board is constructed of vertical boards attached to two “arris” rails and nailed together, the thick edges overlapping the thin edges; it is also known as feather-edge fencing. Close-board fencing can be bought in panels, with the wooden coping strip already fitted¡ªsomething that it is usually forgotten if you fit your own. Although it […]

Tomato Growing Tips

Most if not all vegetable gardens usually have tomatoes in them. Tomatoes are one of the most common and useful vegetable out there. It can be uses for cooking and it can even be used for aesthetic purposes. They are also very easy to grow and maintain; that’s why they are a favorite choice for […]

Tips For A Successful Home Herb Garden

If you like gardening there is nothing more enjoyable than growing and harvesting your own fresh and sweet-scented herbs plus the fact that growing herbs brings greenery into your life and wonderful aromas to your table!  But perhaps some of us have decided that we don’t have the “green thumb” required to keep flourishing herbs […]

Beginners Vegetable Gardening

If you’re a budding gardener who wants to easily grow plants, then you should definitely try growing vegetables. Vegetables are probably the easiest to grow and are very rewarding during harvest time. They do not need special equipment; the most important requirements for them to grow well are sunshine and sufficient watering. If you have […]