How to Set Up a Garden Stream Bed

The great variability of natural streams cannot be duplicated in a garden stream, but is a useful ideal to keep in mind. The more it is part of our conception, the more attractive and interesting the stream will turn out to be. We are not talking here about copying nature, which we could not do […]

How to Create a Marsh Garden

If you are primarily interested in aquatic plants you will derive a great deal of enjoyment from a marsh garden. Many plants thrive in places where the ground stays wet all year, and they come in the loveliest shapes and colors. Anyone building a pool should at the same time set up a marsh bed […]

How to Solve Different Types of Lawn Problems

Worms Worm casts on lawns drive sonic gardeners mad, but I won’t hear a bad word said against nature’s helpers. They are busy conditioning and aerating the soil under your lawn roots. Stop moaning and brush the casts away on a dry morning. Leatherjackets One is normally blissfully unaware of leatherjackets (legless grubs of the […]

Gardening Drainage Techniques

Although conditioning the soil with well-rotted organic matter improves its structure and helps drainage, there arc extra methods to help with waterlogged soils, caused by tightly packed particles of silt and clay, or a high water table. Where wet soil is a problem, analyze the symptoms and causes carefully and decide on a plan of […]

Different Kinds of Garden Panel

Close board is constructed of vertical boards attached to two “arris” rails and nailed together, the thick edges overlapping the thin edges; it is also known as feather-edge fencing. Close-board fencing can be bought in panels, with the wooden coping strip already fitted¡ªsomething that it is usually forgotten if you fit your own. Although it […]

Tomato Growing Tips

Most if not all vegetable gardens usually have tomatoes in them. Tomatoes are one of the most common and useful vegetable out there. It can be uses for cooking and it can even be used for aesthetic purposes. They are also very easy to grow and maintain; that’s why they are a favorite choice for […]