Spelling Bee

Buzz, buzz, buzzzz… test your knowledge in a spelling bee Spelling Bee is yet another great educational application from famed developers Socratica. The application allows you to study words and then test your knowledge in a spelling bee. The great thing about Spelling Bee is its versatility; thanks to its difficulty settings it can be […]

Spell Checker Pro

This will help yoo spel properly While text speak may have nudged the need to spell correctly down the list of priorities for many a phone user, there are still times where you’ll need to get the correct spelling for a text, email or just for the sake of being literate. This is where Spell […]


Is the best known fitness app still ahead of the pack? RunKeeper has been away from the starting blocks for a while now, initially building a rep for itself over on iPhone as THE app for tracking your distance training exercises. While it’s still one of the premier options to build your outdoor routines around, […]

Rain Alarm Pro

A weather app that rings a bell… Given the volatility of summertime, Rain Alarm Pro proves a surprisingly handy warning app that notifies users of incoming rain (and snow if things get really chilly) by an alarm on your phone. Helpful for long days out, a BBQ, shopping trips or even if you’ve just got […]

PowerAMP Media Player

Stop fretting. Here’s the player for you… Of all the apps available on the Android Market, it seems that half are immature fart apps, and the rest are media players. While those figures may well be exaggeration on our part, the truth is the basic music players of smartphones just don’t cut it for most […]


See what the future holds with this comprehensive app Android users who have a penchant for following their daily horoscopes are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to astrology applications. With so many apps to browse through it’s hard to know where to begin and what applications (if any) are worth your money. We’ve […]

GPS Essentials

An app you never knew you needed A GPS app isn’t really the sort of thing that appeals to most people. Beyond frequent travellers, geography enthusiasts and other people who would presumably demand such services, it’s hard to picture an audience lusting after an app that claims to be the Swiss Army Knife of GPS […]

GO Weather

Ready, set, GO Weather GO Weather is a visually delightful weather application that puts as much e_ ort in its sharp visuals as it does providing the most up-to-date weather information in your local area. The most gorgeous feature of this app is the live wallpaper it provides – with more available to download for […]