What You Need To Know About Taking Care of Your Ferret

Ferrets are fun animals that offer a lot to those that want to take them on. They can be a little harder to take care of because they can have some special needs, but they are worth the work and can be great pets.


  • Be Sure You Have What You Need. When you get your ferret, you should make sure you have a place for your pet to eat, and a cage is also a good idea. This is necessary for times when you are not going to be around for any amount of time. You don’t have to have your pet in the cage for long periods of time, but it is handy when you don’t want him to get hurt. A water bottle and food bowl are also good things to make sure you have for your friend. Also be sure to have a pair of nail clippers. Their nails can get infected if not taken care of on a regular basis.
  • Proper Toys. Your pet will need to have toys that are proper for him. These can be found at the pet store, but ferrets like tunnels and climbing the most. If you have an old paper towel roll, you can let your pet play with that for a bit. They will chew it, but the paper tube will not hurt him. Also consider purchasing a hammock for him. They love laying in them at night and playing with them when they are awake.
  • Proper Vet Care. The most important item you can get for your ferret is proper vet care. They will need shots like any other pet you may have. They also need to be checked for fleas and other parasites that may bother them. If you don’t allow your ferret to go outside, you will probably not have a large problem with this, but it’s still important to get him proper vet care.
  • Handling Your Ferret. You should learn to handle your ferret properly so you won’t hurt him and so you can hang on to him when you need to. They are very wiry and can slip out of your hand easily and hide from you. You should never grab your ferret by the tail, legs or neck. This can really hurt him and could cause death if done hard.

Getting a ferret is an exciting time and it’s also a time to really learn about your new pet. You don’t want him to have any problems and you want to enjoy your pet for a long time. That is why it’s so important to take good care of him and to make sure you know exactly what you need. If you are unsure, you can talk to your vet or you can learn proper handling from a pet care book. Take your time and really know what you are getting into and how to handle your new friend so you can both live a happy life together.

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