Is Your Child Facing Possible Suspension From School?

Schools are now implementing zero tolerance policies that can lead to suspension and expulsion. Police authorities are also working with schools; thus, students can face terrible consequences if they are accused of certain offenses.

School suspension or expulsion is not something that you can take lightly. As a parent, if your child faces possible suspension from school, it is a cause for alarm. You have to understand that suspension is the outcome of a serious problem behavior; however, this form of punishment can begin a chain of events that can negatively impact your child’s life. The suspension or expulsion will be reflected on your child’s educational record and this might prevent him from getting into the University where he wants to pursue his chosen career.

To that end, how can you prevent such consequences from happening? How can you help your child if he is already facing possible school suspension?

Suspension From School

Common Reasons Behind School Suspension

When a child gets suspended, it generally means that he is temporarily prohibited from going to his regular classes. There are various reasons why a child can be suspended. Here are a few of them:

Disobedience: When your child breaks or ignores the rules laid out by the school and if he refuses to cooperate with his teachers or other school authorities.

Misconduct: When your child acts inappropriately or irresponsibly inside or outside school premises. This behavior may include breaking the Law, violence, vandalism, bullying, stealing, and using or bringing drugs or alcohol to school.

Other Behaviors: This refers to other actions that does not fit in the other categories, but still threatens the good name of the school.

When Will Your Child Get Suspended?

Suspension is part of the school’s behavioral management procedure; however, they cannot suspend just about any student who breaks the school rules. You have to understand that unless your young one’s behavior is out of control, and if the behavior threatens the safety of other children, teachers, or school property, suspension will be used to control his behavior.

The decision whether to suspend your child or not, and the duration of the suspension depends on certain factors.

  • Is his behavior getting out of control?
  • How often does he misbehave?
  • Does he act this way in the past?
  • How will his actions affect other students?

Generally, school suspension usually lasts for 10 school days or less. This doesn’t require a formal legal procedure; however, if the punishment is longer than 10 school days, your child has the right to seek a formal hearing before the school board. Before your child gets suspended, he has the right to know the following details:

  • The reason behind his suspension
  • The evidence of the school against him
  • His right to be heard before the school board

You and your young one must realize that he has the right to respond to the accusations and let the school board know about his side of the story. He also has the right to talk to the people who were involved and ask the witnesses what they saw. In addition, as a parent, you have the right to stay with him during any formal meetings and interview with your child.

The verdict whether to suspend or expel a student must be made cautiously since it can have a huge effect on the child’s future. If your child is facing possible suspension, it is best to seek the legal counsel of a defense attorney.

The author, Kris Lim, is a mother of one who knows how children might misbehave while in school. She recommends the parents of children who are facing suspension to seek the services of an Elliot Savitz Defense Attorney if they need to have a formal hearing before the school board.

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