Correction of Hormonal Acne

Skin rash – this is primarily an inflammation. So deal with acne to anti-inflammatory drugs and hormones, and not peeling or vegetable masks. Typically, drugs have a lot of side effects, and sometimes bring more harm than good. However, this situation will get enterosorbent Polysorb. Silicon medicine has unique cleansing properties, and it is necessary for every woman. The fact that one of the causes of pain during menstruation is the pollution of the body of toxic substances that are formed during the activity.

The action of pathogenic factors undermining the endocrine system. A sorbent removes all harmful elements, whereby protective mechanisms are activated. As a result, gradually improving not only the appearance but also stabilize the level of female sex hormones. Since the drug helps reduce pain in any phase of the menstrual cycle. It is easier to carry, and sometimes go very, bad feeling in the abdomen, dizziness and nausea, which are often concerned about the ladies.

After application of the sorbent with each course there is less precipitation, with the advent of monthly drug you can drink 3 times a day on horseback with a tablespoon of the entire period of bleeding, but no longer than 10 days. If ovulation is difficult and unpleasant to different manifestations, it is desirable to start taking Polysorb, without waiting for the menstrual flow.

Another thing that women do not overlooked – this is after acne cosmetics. So appears the local allergy. However, you can get rid of it quickly and efficiently. Enough to take Polysorb in the average daily dosage: 2-4 tablespoons a day for 1 hour before meals. The course of treatment is 7-10 days.


This term is used for acne (acne), which is a consequence of any trouble in the body. When one of the organs or the whole system is affected, the blood and lymph emitting toxic waste products harmful bacteria that are carried by the vessels of healthy cells and tissues including the skin surface. Sometimes the rash may be the only symptom of internal conflict. However, their location can tell you where to look for disease. For example, the eels in the mouth – a sign of inflammation of the ovaries, and the rash on my temples and cheeks peeling of the skin – the cause of gastritis, pancreatitis or cholecystitis.

Acne Therapy

It is worth noting that in no case be pressure pimples and acne, especially if they are red as this indicates the beginning of maturation. And if you have a mechanical effect, it can carry infection and promote inflammation in the surrounding tissue. In order to eliminate acne and good use Polysorb inside and outside. Require the drug to guzzle 3 grams or a tablespoon with a slide to 4 times a day, 1.5 hours after a meal for 14 days.

For outdoor use, a solution with silicon, which have to clear skin. For a silicon mask powder sorbent diluted in water until thick cream, which is about 1 teaspoon or bag per 1 gram. A mixture of accurate motion fingertip applied a thin layer over face and neck (avoiding eye area) and dries within 10 – 15 minutes. When was the last area of the skin becomes dry, you can wash off with warm water. To maintain the effect of the mask and moisturize the skin well apply nourishing cream. It is worth noting that after a regular cleaning Polysorb restored a healthy complexion, disappeared shine, pimples and acne and leave skin.

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