How to Cure Vitiligo or Different Ways to Fight for Healthy Skin

Before we talk about how to cure vitiligo, you need to understand what is the disease. White patches appear on the skin due to the dysfunction of the human immune system. Although fairly easy to remove white spots from the skin, it is difficult to influence the cause of vitiligo. Therefore, the treatment of vitiligo is not the easiest and quickest.


However, there is nothing terrible. Vitiligo in itself poses no danger to humans. White patches on the skin – a cosmetic problem. And in most cases, for the treatment of vitiligo recommended various tools for outdoor use. Thus, the impact on the manifestation of vitiligo is easier and more efficient than trying to cure the cause.

Return the skin to look healthy using:

home recipes
alternative treatment
drug treatment
Home Recipes

The majority of patients with vitiligo at least once in your life try to use anything from home remedies. And home remedy can be as a special diet, and psoralen injection. The main feature of home remedies – natural ingredients. The most effective means of plant origin – is psoralen. However, improper use of home agents may cause various side effects. So be sure to consult with your doctor.

Alternative treatments

Herbs include a variety of plants that contain psoralen – the main component in the treatment of vitiligo.

Psoralen – it is a natural ingredient that increases the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, thus allowing the skin to tan altering the level of pigmentation. For this quality of psoralen long recognized as an effective tool against vitiligo.

Psoralen was detected in many types of plants, such as parsley, celery and other figs. Superiority in the number of psoralen belongs seeds of a plant species psoralen (Psoralen corylifolia). They are used in herbal medicine and in the treatment of vitiligo ayurevedic system.

Psoralen treatment of vitiligo

Psoralen is widely used for the treatment of vitiligo. The simplest and most popular tool – soak overnight in water plant, rich psoralen, and next morning drink the infusion.

Oral psoralen

Psoralen very good help with vitiligo, especially when combined with sunlight. But not many people continue this treatment for a long time, since it has its own specific features:

unpleasant taste;
in large quantities into the reception psoralen can cause allergies and indigestion;
unwanted pigmentation throughout the body;
temporary discoloration and stains may begin to fade after taking psoralen inside.

Psoralen very powerful tool, and should not be taken without the supervision of a specialist.

External application of psoralen

The application of psoralen on the skin with spots of vitiligo – one of the most simple and effective means. Topical administration of psoralen ultraviolet can influence more specific parts of the skin.

Types of agents for external application of psoralen include extracts, oils, mixtures of different vegetable components, which include psoralen.

One of the most effective drugs against vitiligo presented on the market contains eight percent Psoralen corylifolia together with three other components that control and amplify the effect of psoralen. This combination of components provides a virtually permanent effects of skin regimentation. While psoralen reception inwardly helps to achieve temporary results.


In homeopathy, vitiligo is a systemic disease with local manifestations. Therefore, for treatment of vitiligo impact occurs on the whole body in order to eliminate the problem of the immune system. Therefore, treatment should lead only an expert homeopath.


Ayurveda – is an Indian traditional medicine. It utilizes natural herbs and foods, as well as heavy metals, and surgical techniques to treat disease. For the treatment of vitiligo Ayurveda uses medicinal plants with psoralen. Some experts on Ayurveda in vitiligo recommend cleansing the body and vomiting.