Diagnosis of Low Back Pain – Ways to Get Ride It

A herniated disc, people often complain of shooting, stabbing pain at the base of the spine. It’s a pain to which no therapy – from steroids and painkillers before surgery – can not cope. In a world more and more people suffering from this problem. They are mainly localized pain in the lumbar region, is ambiguous and, therefore, do not indicate the cause. The two – ten percent of people experiencing pain in the lower back pain tend to become chronic, affecting the daily life.

Low Back PainEven with the best methods available for the diagnosis of low back pain, in many cases, doctors do not know what caused the problem. The cause of the pain the patient is very difficult.

Despite the fact that an excessive load may be part of the equation, it still can not shift the blame for all the pain.

Research carried out to confirm the causes of back pain include x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan, bone scan, bone density test.

Low back pain: a genetic predisposition?

One of the main reasons why a person may suffer from lower back pain, and the other is not, lies in their genes. Speaking about the degeneration of discs, you can give the following example: if you take the twins – one to do hard physical work, and other stationery – and compare the results of MRI diagnostics, they are absolutely identical. This suggests that the genetic factor is very important.

Exposure to chronic low back pain is probably the inherited tendency, and probably an innate predisposition. In the lower back are sensory receptors – nociceptive (capable of perception and transmission of pain) fibers that send pain signals to the brain. In some people, many nociceptive tissue – for example, in their drive – while the other is relatively small. Perhaps that is why one person can lift a heavy weight many times and have never experienced pain in the lower back, while the other suffers constantly, barely lifting anything.

Five ways to get rid of back pain

Just because the pain can be inherited, does not mean that the problem can not be controlled.

If you sit in an uncomfortable chair all day, working a jackhammer or a regular buckle body in awkward positions, lower back will pay for it. Smoking – a bad habit that increases the risk of many diseases, can lead to back pain. Studies have shown that smoking one-third more likely to suffer from lower back pain than non-smokers.

If you smoke, get rid of the dependence of force.

Try to keep the correct posture, you are standing or sitting. Picking up something, do it with the knees, not your back.

Perform exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your back – especially abdominals, hips, back and pelvis. The development of strong core muscles affects the health. Well-trained press will make you less susceptible.
Resist the urge to crawl into bed whenever worried about the back. If you are in pain, sometimes you develop a “non-disease”.

See your doctor and being treated for pain at once, so you will be able to remain mobile and active.

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