Diet and Exercise are Not Four Letter Words: Easy Fat Loss Tips

fat loss tips

When you hear the words diet and exercise, you probably associate them with four letter words. Losing fat can be frustrating, and it can feel like a never ending journey. Do not give up. Losing weight can be achieved through diet, exercise and a positive attitude. Here are few fat loss tips to help you burn off your fat and continue the journey to a new you. Soon the only four letter words you will associate with diet and exercise are easy and loss.

Fat Loss Diet Tips

High Protein Diet
The first thing to do when picking a new diet is to avoid any diet that will drastically change your eating habits. You need a simple diet that will gradually change your diet. A good diet consist of 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. High protein diet works great for fat loss and most people already eat many high protein foods. It is about tailoring and using those foods to burn fat instead of creating fat cells. For example, proteins in eggs build muscle and the vitamin B12 in eggs will break down fat. However, many people cook eggs with ingredients such as cheese that block these benefits.

Drink a Meal
Switch out a breakfast or a lunch for a smoothie or a soup. Smoothies are a great way to get the recommended 5 vegetables and fruit a day. Many are high in protein and delicious. Just avoid putting bananas and tropical fruits in your smoothies. They slow your fat-loss effort. Eating veggie soup two times a day helps you loose weight.

Eat At The Same Time
If you schedule your eating, you will train your body to be consistent. This also helps with food cravings.

Fat Loss Exercise Tips

Strength Training
Strength training exercises can increase your over all health and help with fat loss. They will maintain your muscle while burning fat. Strength training will keep your metabolism rate from decreasing as you change your diet. This equals more fat loss.

Mix It Up
The way you lift affects the amount of fat loss. Changing up your reps and weights during the middle of the exercise can help you work out different parts of your body. You should start with lighter weights and higher rips then shift to heavy weights and lower reps. You can switch up the combinations for fun.

1 Minute or Less Rest
In order to maximize fat loss, you need to keep moving. Only allow yourself one minute to rest between sets.

Cardio exercises burn a lot of muscles and not fat. To maximize fat loss, do cardio after you weight lift. Cardio should never be the only source of exercising. Three 45-minutes sessions a week will help assist your diet and strength training by spending up the fat loss you gain from them.

General Fat Loss Tips

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is your friend. Whether you boost your Vitamin D levels through food or a supplement, Vitamin D helps boost your system and allow you to lose fat.

Positive Attitude
You have to believe in yourself to loose weight. Negative feelings can lead to overeating or stress. Both will cause you to store fat instead of loosing it.

Meditating can help you deal with chronic stress and stop your body from storing fat as a result to stress. Plus, stress leads to high carb cravings.

Chew Your Food
Sometimes it does not matter what you eat, but how you eat it. Chewing your food at least 40 times can be the difference in you eating 12% less each day.

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