Diets for Teenagers – How to Lose Weight at an Early Age

The temptation to fast-food, a huge selection of cakes and chocolate products – before that not every adult can stand, and the teenager even more. Therefore, more and more problems with excess weight begin to manifest itself in the awkward age. Diet for teenagers should be fairly balanced, taking into account the health status, lifestyle and needs. Write the correct power supply system will help experts, nutritionists, or parents that will go with this issue responsibly and carefully.

Diets for Teenagers In adulthood, some young people begin to notice that their shapes are far from the model standards, which are shown on the covers of glossy magazines. To lose weight, they stop feeding, which leads to various diseases. First and foremost it is important to understand whether or not actually lose a few pounds or just a whim and adolescent self-doubt. If the body still requires adjustment of diet, we approach this step necessary with extreme caution. Organism at the age of twelve to seventeen years, still not fully grown so rigid diet can lead to various hormonal and gastrointestinal diseases. It is therefore advisable to consult a specialist – a nutritionist after studying the individual structure, needs and aptitudes to various diseases will have a full understanding of the patient and be able to appoint him the diet, which will be more effective and less painful for the body.

How to make your own diet

Sixteen teen diet can also try to think on their own with their parents. It should be remembered that cut calorie intake by more than 20% is not desirable. The daily diet should include 50% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 20% protein. Diet for the girls to make so that the number of daily caloric content of products was approximately 2,600 kcal. Organism boys should receive not less than 2750 kcal per day. If a teenager involved in sports, you need to increase the caloric content of above 20%. By discharge day should be approached with caution. Up to sixteen years, nutritionists do not recommend them to organize. After this age, is allowed only one day a week to cleanse the body. Daily diet should include lean meats and fruit garnish without in any quantity.

Teen diet to lose weight implies the following products:

  • Vegetable soups.
  • Kashi, among which greater preference is given to buckwheat and oatmeal.
  • Bread is better to use the protein as it lingers longer in the stomach and, therefore, the hunger comes later.
  • Seafood, as in any diet for adults, a necessary part of the diet, because they are rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Dairy products, including milk, yogurt, nonfat yogurt and cheese are also allowed in adolescent nutrition.
  • Juice is desirable to do independently, such as those sold in the store, contain large amounts of sugar.If such opportunities do not, then you can replace them with fruit tea.

Tips for self-compiling diet:

  • In winter, fresh fruits and vegetables can be replaced if necessary pickled or frozen.
  • Products are best to cook, bake, stew or steamed.From fried foods must categorically reject.
  • Soups – a mandatory part of the diet.They are useful because at their minimum caloric hunger is a long time.
  • On the diet need to give up baked goods.Alternatively, you can use dried fruits and nuts. If it is very difficult to do without sweets once a week is permissible to eat a small piece of chocolate.
  • Breakfast is very important in the adolescent diet, like any other.Derived calories during the morning meal is not deposited in the body and are consumed throughout the day.

Prepared salads are best fill with olive oil or lemon juice.

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