Diets for Weight Loss on Legs – Remove the Extra Inches

The buttocks and thighs – the worst problems on the way to create the perfect shape. This is primarily due to the fact that the weight loss lose weight face, chest and abdomen. But the weight gain comes from the bottom on the contrary, that is, the fat begins to accumulate in the legs. Scheme can be changed if the correct pick up a diet to lose fat in certain parts of the body.

By numerous studies Medcom concluded that women’s fat cells are larger than males. Also on the tissue affected by the weaker sex hormone estrogen, which is responsible for unwanted deposits in the thighs and buttocks. It is therefore important to find the right diet. The focus should be consumed daily amount of fat contained in virtually every product, but mostly in baked goods, as well as cheeses and sausages.

General rules of the diet, slimming down, easy. Daily nutritional substances necessary to be present, which neutralize incoming fat in the body, as well as break already accumulated reserves. As with any other diet, you need to drink at least eight glasses of non-carbonated mineral water. We must try to limit yourself to the number of drunk tea or coffee. If data is excluded from the diet drinks is not possible, then they need to use sugar-free and not too hard to brew.

pepper, garlic, ginger

If desired, reduce the amount of leg power should include: lean meat, fish, low-fat varieties, vegetables, fruit, pasta from durum wheat, potatoes and rice, low fat yogurt. Sometimes a small amount of alcohol is permitted, it is better if it is a dry red wine. It is also possible ingestion of spicy products (pepper, garlic, ginger), as they prevent fluid retention and increase blood circulation, which causes breakdown of fat. With all that is not included in this list, it is better to abstain. Especially should limit themselves in dairy products, nuts, vegetable oils, seeds, flour, and fried foods.

  • Regular visits to the pool a positive effect on all muscle groups, but also has a prophylactic effect. When navigating to a greater extent involved leg, and, therefore, the process of weight loss will happen more quickly and without harm to the body.
  • The procedure will not only relaxing, but also the benefit in the fight against excess weight. Popular anti-cellulite massage your thighs. It takes excess fluid and toxins from the body, softens scarring and normalizes blood circulation, which contributes to weight loss in the areas of emphasis.
  • Different types of aerobics, step, more strength exercises that focus on specific problem areas of the body (in this case the feet) will not only help to remove extra inches, but also strengthen the muscles. The advantage of such loads is that you can do at home conditions , pre-selecting and examining the basic light exercise. Especially effective jumps, squats and running.

Star Secrets

Jennifer Lopez is never complete on its non-standard shapes. Moreover, a singer and actress broke the stereotype of the ideal hips, showing that curvy shape is not less attractive than the model standards. But such a figure like Jennifer Lopez needs to maintain it in perfect condition. Top Hollywood nutritionists developed her special diet, taking into account the parameters of non-standard stellar body. Once a month during the week Jennifer exclude from your diet of sugar and salt in order to excrete the accumulated liquid. At this time the singer leans on fruits and milk products: cheese and lunch are fruits, and for dinner Lopez prefers to fish or poultry, and nonfat yogurt.

Singer Rihanna in an interview, admitted that “whipped” hips – her fault. A diet rich in the singer in fruits, vegetables and fish dishes. Rihanna – sweet tooth without the sweets she gets depressed. Therefore, the young star follows the principle: everything is possible, but in small quantities. As for exercise, the specific strength exercises for his legs, it does not, preferring a treadmill.

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