Diffuse Changes of the Pancreas – The Necessary Treatment

It is not all diffuse changes of the pancreas to be treated. Most often, this is a minor change that does not require any additional testing or treatment. In order to proceed with the treatment of such changes, you must first put the patient diagnosis.

pancreasWhom to treat and whom not

Diffuse changes in pancreatic cancer – it’s not a diagnosis, and the conclusion of one of the types of examinations – ultrasound. This conclusion is in itself nothing says it is intended for the physician to whom the data are flocking all diagnostic tests. But for some reason the conclusion of ultrasound is very frightening patients and instead ask your doctor what does it mean, they ask about one another online.

How dangerous it is and whether medical treatment, the doctor decides. If these diffuse changes of the pancreas is diagnosed in a person who does not complain, no additional tests and treatments not prescribed to him. In this case, more important is the presence of any complications diffuse and focal absence, i.e. tumors, cysts and stones.

But if detected diffuse changes in the patient there is a complaint on the part of the digestive system, then examine it further and identify the cause of this phenomenon. After establishing a definitive diagnosis of the patient being treated.

Finally, sometimes diffuse changes in the pancreas are a sign of acute pancreatitis, which is confirmed by laboratory tests, and the patient’s condition. The patient requires immediate hospitalization.

Treatment of patients with acute pancreatitis

In acute pancreatitis is a stagnation of pancreatic juice in the pancreas, its swelling, and then self-digestion. All this is accompanied by severe pain, vomiting, and severe general condition of the patient.

First aid for acute pancreatitis – this is pain relief, the maximum relaxation of smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract and the suppression of the pancreas.

For pain relief used NSAIDs, as well as narcotic drugs (promedol, morphine). To relax the smooth muscles of the pancreatic ducts, relieving spasms and improve the outflow of pancreatic juice is prescribed antispasmodics (eg, no-silos). To suppress the secretion of pancreatic juice and atropine applied to the stomach cold. Intravenously administered a variety of solutions, since the patient can not drink because of the pain and vomiting.

As long as the patient kept pain, he does not eat anything and only after improving his start in small portions to give yogurt. Expanding the diet slowly, taking into account the patient’s general condition

Treatment of patients with chronic pancreatitis

iffuse changes in the pancreas with chronic pancreatitis can be both in the acute phase (it talks about edema cancer) and in the remission phase, which is a sign of diffuse expansion of the pancreas connective tissue.

Exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis occurs almost the same as acute pancreatitis, but is much easier and requires similar treatment.

In remission at the forefront diet and correction of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. Patient’s diet excludes the use of fatty, fried, spicy, canned foods, sweets, muffins and carbonated beverages. Meals should be frequent and fractional.

The method of correcting for this is chosen individually for each patient. Appointed by the enzyme preparations (mezim, Creon, festal). Under the influence of these drugs in patients undergoing nausea, bloating, diarrhea.

If patients show a significant decrease in pancreatic function and the absence of enzymes for the digestion of protein foods, they were injected intravenously a mixture of amino acids. For a better absorption of the protein with an amino group introduced vit C, and anabolic hormones (e.g. retabolil).

Used drugs to enhance the secretion of the pancreas, a vitamin.

Since chronic pancreatitis in almost all patients impaired insulin secretion and develop secondary diabetes, they are assigned a diet with restriction of carbohydrates and glucose-lowering drugs.

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