How to Tell Whether Or Not Your Dog Is Ill

If you have a dog as a pet they are probably pretty important in your life. Besides, a dog is man’s best friend right? Many dog owners are very attached to their dogs. In fact their dogs are literally their best friend and they could not see themselves functioning properly without their dog by their side. This is why it is important to observe your dog closely to make sure that they are not ill. Some illnesses will be easy to spot because of the symptoms. However, others will be harder to spot out and since your dog has natural instincts to know how to make themselves seem well when they are not it is very important they you pay special attention to their well being and also make sure that they go to the vet on a regular basis.

Dog Is Ill

Symptoms to Look Out For To:
When a dog becomes ill there are symptoms that need to be looked out for. Some of the symptoms and signs that indicate your best friend is not feeling so well are listed below. If you notice that any of these signs are present in your pet, make sure that you take them to the vet as soon as possible.

• Change in behavior: When a dog is sick something is going to change about their behavior. They may become vicious, depressed looking or even larger/smaller. Then other times they will stop eating and drinking differently. It is especially important to get them checked if you your pet drinking large amounts of water due to the fact that those are the key signs of kidney disease and diabetes.

• Change in coat: When dogs are healthy you can tell because their appearance will look a whole lot better than if they are ill. When your pet is healthy their coat will look shiny and thick. However, when they are sick their coat will their coat will become very dry, dull and rough. In some cases they will even lose patches of their hair. If you notice this symptom in your pet you should also have him/her checked due to the fact that it could be a variety of different illnesses, such as an allergic reaction to something or in the worst case fleas.

• Change in Stools: When it comes to finding out whether or not your dog is ill one of the key symptoms to look out for is changes in stools. You may not want to go out with your dog and examine their poop, but this is something that must be done to insure your dog is healthy. Sick dogs stool’s can appear to contain worms, blood or even mucus. However, on the other hand a healthy dog’s stools will appear to be moist, small and even firm. When a dog’s stool are not healthy that means that they may not be consuming the correct amount of water or that they may have one of the many other health problems.

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