Enjoy some outdoor time with an adventure trip to Mohican State Park

If you love the outdoors and enjoy camping trips or day adventure trips with friends and family, then the Mohican State Park will not disappoint. Located adjacent to the State Forest in Ohio’s greatest vacation area, the park with its 1,110 acres of pristine land that offers the most scenic views of the Mohican River that runs through along the Clear Fork Branch offers campers and adventure junkies a plethora of options to enjoy some adrenaline packed Mohican adventures.

While the Mohican State Park is a great place for camping and picnicking, offering a lot of options in cottages, lodges and comfortable campsites for an overnight stay, it offers just as many opportunities for those looking for a day trip filled with outdoor fun like hiking, family picnics, fishing and more.

About the Mohican State Park
The Mohican State Park is located about 8kms, or 5miles in Ashland County, south of Loudonville in Ohio and is covered on all sides by the Mohican-Memorial State Forest. The park offers round the year recreational activities that draw in many visitors, some of which include camping, boating, hiking, canoeing, hunting, mountain biking, picnicking, bridle trails, fishing, and more.

The park has 3 individual camping areas that have been classified as:

Class A Campground – This includes 33 sites with full service hook-up to enjoy your overnight stay in comfort, 118 sites that are electric-only to enjoy the rustic feel of being in the forest for the night, 10 walk-in camping sites with tent for a true-blue camping experience in the wild, and 25 Cottages for those who seek luxury even on their outdoor Mohican adventures vacation.

Class B Campground – This campground only has 24 electric-only sites that make for a great outdoor vacation on a budget, allowing campers to truly enjoy their camping trip. However, these cannot be reserved in advance and work more on a first come first serve basis.

Group Camp Area – These are group camps, ideal for families camping together or a large group of people traveling together who want to enjoy their camping trip doing fun things outdoors with limited amenities for the real feel, which makes this communal living concept all the more fun.

Staying Overnight
Campers can choose from any of the above options to stay overnight at the Mohican State Park. Thankfully, electricity is open round the year and that means you can even plan a quiet winter trip, should the weather allow. However, the best time to visit the park to enjoy some Mohican adventures is around June to October, when the forests are lush and green and there are many outdoor activities to enjoy, including canoeing and kayaking. However, when planning a winter overnight trip to the park, keep in mind that the water supply shuts off starting November and is not turned back on until April.

For the cottages, all amenities including kitchen supplies, bed linen, showers and furniture are supplied. If you choose to book the family campgrounds, you can expect clean and hygienic living environment that comes with all basic amenities, though you will need to carry your own kitchen or cooking supplies and linen. For those who want a true outdoor experience and want to stay at the Campers Cabins, you will find amenities like furniture, microwave, fans, fireplaces and refrigerator in place. However, you will need to carry your own sleeping gear, camping gear, cooking supplies and bed linen for an overnight stay. If you are a pet lover who likes your furry companion to travel with you everywhere, the Mohican State Park is the perfect destination as pets are allowed at almost all overnight accommodations.

Mohican adventures to indulge in for a day trip:
For those who want to visit the Mohican State Park for a day trip, the options of adventures and fun activities available are not at all limited. While hunting, fishing, hunting, picnicking, canoeing and kayaking are big attractions, if you are looking for a quiet family trip then hiking along the many pristine hiking trails could be just the thing for you. You can take the Lyons Falls route that is a short 2 mile trail with moderate difficulty levels or choose the Hemlock Gorge and North Rim which is a 3 mile trail but covers easy grounds is ideal. Other options include Pleasant Hill Trail, Discovery Forest and Hog Hollow Trail.

For those who enjoy mountain biking there are two bike system loops to choose from with beautiful scenic views at Mohican State Park. The Short Loop is about 8 miles and is perfect for beginners. For advanced bikers, the longer 25 Mile Loop is ideal, though this one is not recommended for novice or amateur mountain biker with zero advanced skills.

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