Home Remedies for Vitiligo – An Appeal to Nature

Medicinal plants have long been used effectively to treat a variety of diseases. The modern scientific medicine has evolved in the application for the treatment, from natural and herbal medicines to a wide range of modern facilities. Nonetheless, many modern drugs based on natural ingredients. Natural remedies are so-called natural ingredients are widely used in folk medicine, so home remedies for vitiligo can and should be used along with conventional treatment tablets.

Vitiligo of Hands

For the treatment of various diseases, including from vitiligo, the following means:

Turmeric and mustard oil
Turmeric – an important medicinal ingredients in traditional Indian medicine. Has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a very delicate immune. Also often used in the treatment of wounds to prevent bacterial infections. Mustard oil is also very useful for home treatment of many diseases. Daily full body massage with mustard oil will provide a strong immune system.

Five teaspoons of turmeric powder mixed with a glass of mustard oil;
To put on the white areas of the skin two times a day;
Continue treatment regularly for one year.
The combination of turmeric and mustard oil has a good effect on the white patches of vitiligo. They will begin to decrease and eventually disappear. It is very safe natural remedy.

Basil leaves and lime juice
Basil leaves – a very common ingredient in the kitchen. They have anti-viral properties. Basil can help with stress, and in the treatment of vitiligo. Basil leaf extract in combination with lime juice stimulates the production of melanin in the skin.

Mix a few drops of extract of leaves of basil and lime juice;
Put on the white skin. Leave on time;
Repeat three or four times a day. The effect is visible in five to six months.
This mixture of basil and lime juice is very effective and completely safe. Besides, the mixture does not cause undesirable effects.

Copper water
It is proved that vitiligo can be treated by drinking water that has been stored in a copper pot. The water must be left in a copper pot for the night, and drink it in the morning. This is an extremely economical home remedy will show its magic effect in about six months.

It is believed that the copper water stimulates melanocytes to produce melanin.

Tamarind seeds psoralen
Psoralen contained in the seeds of psoralen, is the most effective treatment for vitiligo. It is used both as a home remedy, as well as funds for PUVA therapy. Its use along with tamarind (tamarind) is very effective for the treatment of vitiligo.

Psoralen are encouraged not to use with caution, as it is a very powerful tool.


Soak the tamarind seeds and psoralen in the water for four days;
Apply daily on the white areas of the skin for a month;
The dramatic improvement is usually seen within a month, but it is worth to continue treatment to fix the result.

Psoralen and ginger juice
Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. Its use during cooking to prevent clotting of blood in the circulation process. It also stimulates the circulation and digestive system support. His use of psoralen – good home remedy for vitiligo.

Soak the seeds in ginger juice psoralen for three days;
Dry them in the shade and grind into a fine powder;
Mix one gram of powder psoralen with a glass of fresh milk;
Drinking once a day for two months.
Regular use will return the natural color of the white spots of the skin.