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Android users who have a penchant for following their daily horoscopes are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to astrology applications. With so many apps to browse through it’s hard to know where to begin and what applications (if any) are worth your money. We’ve been trying out a few horoscope apps and for a balance between features, information and cost we found ourselves using this free app.

HoroscopesThere may be fresher astrology apps available but we found that the wealth of advice available in Horoscopes is enough to keep both novice and keen astrologers busy. As expected there are the usual daily Western horoscope updates which also include views for the previous day, a weekly summary plus further insights into character and love life traits. Readings can be shared either via SMS or email.

There’s also a similar set of options for viewing Chinese horoscopes. If you don’t know your Chinese star sign it’s not a problem, simply tell the Horoscopes app your date of birth and it will work out your birth sign for you. Further to the standard horoscope reading there is also a fairly comprehensive section dedicated to the topic of biorhythms. These involve three regular cycles that have an influence over certain aspects of our lives, the Physical Cycle, the Emotional Cycle and the Intellectual Cycle.

These all last for different periods of time and Horoscopes is able to track your current point within each cycle. The biorhythm section of Horoscopes consists of five pages. There’s a summary of all of your cycles, while further pages offer a visual representation of your current status for each cycle via graphs. Being somewhat new to the idea of biorhythms we did find ourselves questioning what the graphs themselves actually meant, a little information here would have helped us understand better.

Overall, Horoscopes is an app that is more about information than features. The UI may not reach for the graphical potential that other astrology apps achieve but we found the calming blue tint to be a good fit for the topic involved. It’s a shame that there isn’t more integration with social networks such as Twitter or Facebook but these are perhaps things to be added in further updates. The important thing is that Horoscopes delivers on the main ingredient of an astrology app and that’s information, lots of it.

Price: Free Developer: Rosewood Aqaurium Studios

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