What is Hypertension?

I’m sure at least one time you were at the doctor’s office. It does not matter for what reason …

This could be ARI, diarrhea, or getting help for the driver’s commission …

Remember what the doctor? That’s right! He asks you about your well-being, clarifies what illnesses and operations you have had … He also MUST measure your blood pressure.

Patients suffering from long-hypertension, compared with interest the number of blood pressure obtained at home and in the clinic.

Those with high blood pressure have revealed for the first time are surprised and are trying to find an explanation. Especially if it affects getting help for the driver or commission work.

They will justify this increase in blood pressure before the drunk beer, jogging up the stairs clinic syndrome or “white coat” …

This, of course, it happens. If a patient sit, rest, then blood pressure had drop to normal. Beer lovers can come the next day.

It is quite normal that your blood pressure rises and falls throughout the day in response to the changing needs of your body’s physical and emotional stress.

But the persistent increase in blood pressure indicates hypertension.

It is insidious because it can be asymptomatic and detected incidentally.

You can for years complained of headache and dizziness, tired quickly become annoying. You may worsen memory … But once you relax, everything comes back to normal again and you do not seek medical attention.

Meanwhile, hypertension continues its destructive work, affecting all the organs of your body. It progresses, and eventually you may notice that headache and dizziness were constant, decreased performance, became noticeable mood swings.

What is hypertension? How and why is it developing? What is it? Now we’ll try to sort out these issues. To begin with let us specify that hypertension and hypertension – are synonymous with the same disease. As I wrote above, the hypertension can speak with persistent increase in blood pressure. And the emphasis on “persistent increase” is not accidental. The fact that nature has provided increased blood pressure in response to changes in external and internal conditions (exercise or stress). If the person is healthy, its regulatory system itself leads to normal pressure. But if the activity of these systems is compromised, then the pressure will be continuously improved. And often, the degree and duration of high blood pressure may not correspond to the level of stress. This so-called transient hypertension. Additionally, you may be violated and the normal circadian rhythm of blood pressure (insufficient pressure reduction at night – the night hypertension).

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