Illnesses Your Pet May Contract That You Need To Be Aware Of

Every pet owner is going to the best that they can to keep their pet from becoming ill. However, as with humans sometimes pets are going to become sick. When this does take place make sure that you have taken note of all of the symptoms that have been taking place so you can better help the vet know what your pet may be experiencing.

Illnesses Your Pet

Symptoms You Should Look Out For:
As with humans your pet is going to not be like themselves when they are sick. Sometimes you may notice it right off due to your pet not being their normal playful and cheerful self. However, other times it will be harder to figure out that your pet has an issue. This is why we have compiled together this list of signs and symptoms for you.

• Discharge coming from their nose, eyes or anything other weird place
• Not eating like they normally do
• Losing or gaining a significant amount of weight
• Drinking more water than normal
• Having trouble using the bathroom or blood when they do go
• Abrupt change in behavior
• Walking abnormally such as limping around or needing assistance to sit or stand
• Scratching, biting or licking themselves more than they normally do or in one particular area constantly
• Abnormal hair loss; not the expected shedding
• Harsher breath than normal

Possible Illnesses Your Pet May Be Experiencing
If your pet has been showing any of the signs or symptoms that were just talked about than it is possible that they have one of the illnesses that are listed below.

• Lyme Disease
• Cancer
• Ticks
• Fleas
• Internal Parasites
• Mange
• Ear Mites
• Lice
• Rabies
• Canine Distemper
• Heart Disease
• Heart Worm Disease
• Toxoplasmosis
• Canine Parvovirus Infection

How to Protect Your Pet from These Diseases:
The best ways to protect your pets from these diseases are to make sure that you keep them up to date on their shots. Also, you should make sure that they are taking daily vitamins, eating healthy food and exercising daily. Not to mention that they should not be around other animals who have any of the symptoms above or you suspect have not had their shots. Many pets actually contract these diseases that have been listed above through contact with another animal that has the disease. Not saying that some of the diseases cannot just occur naturally but many of the diseases they were listed above are contagious when it comes to both animals and humans.

What to do when Your Pet Develops Symptoms of an Illness:
When your pet develops symptoms that lead you to believe that they are coming down with an illness or are already ill the best thing to do is to take them to see a vet. This is because if the illness is detected early enough the vet will be able to prevent it from developing into something worst which in return will have your pet feeling better in no time.

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