Living With Your Doggy Friend in a Small Space

If you are moving to a smaller space with a pet, you know it can be a little harder. There are ways to make the transition from a larger home to a smaller apartment or home without a yard easier on both you and your pet. Below you can see some ways that can help you.

Doggy Friend

  • Create A Routine. One of the best ways to make a transition from a larger space to a small one is to have a routine. This way you and your pet know what to expect every day. Find a good time to give your dog a long walk so he knows what to expect right from the start. Be sure to keep your dog’s feeding on a schedule as well. He wants to have a routine that he can follow.
  • Go To The Park With Your Dog. The best way to make the space not feel so confined is to take a walk with your dog. He can get some really good exercise as well as a chance to get some fresh air and some time with you. If you can, you should try to live near some kind of park or open space, so it’s easier to take your dog there and have fun with him. Even if you only go on the weekends, you will notice your pet will seem to know when it’s time to go and get as excited as you.
  • Keep Items Picked Up. If you can keep your items and your pet’s items picked up, even in a small space, your home will feel larger and make you and your pet feel better. Dogs don’t like a messy home anymore than we do. They like to know where they can find their toys when they want to play and where the food and water is. That is part of the reason they can get confused when you move things around.
  • Consider A Doggy Day Care. If you work a lot of hours, you may want to think about a doggy day care. This helps your friend to not feel alone and to look forward to something while you are gone to work or other trip. Most dogs are very social and want to be around other dogs. This gives them an outlet to be social and keeps your mind at ease.

Dogs can adjust to a smaller space if it’s done properly. You don’t want your pet to get upset or to become depressed because he doesn’t have as much room to do things as he used to. He may miss the backyard he played in before the move. That is why it’s important to take your dog to the park as much as you can and let him know you still care about him. This way he will know not everything has changed. Eventually, he will get used to the change and be happy to just be with you.

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