How to Lose Weight: Simple or Complicated?

I would like to lose weight for many, but not all are successful. Typically, a fortress called “weight loss” is taken hurriedly, that is, extreme diets, which today exists in abundance. And after committing the deed a man with a quiet mind off and eats everything in sight. The result of such diets are known to be sad.

Lose Weight is Simple

The first stage – the psychological preparation

First of all, you have to realize the seriousness of the problem: no one fell swoop fortress called “weight loss” did not take. Therefore, we should start with mental preparation. You will need to think carefully about the situation, take a sheet of paper, divide it into two parts in one-half to write all those advantages and benefits that will thrown weight (ability to wear a short dress, outdoor swimming suit, to improve the appearance and health in great detail), but on the other – on what would have to give (also write in great detail). This piece should be very well studied and is not thrown away, as it will be your support in later life. Once the determination to lose weight will fall off, and you’re ready to quit this activity, you need to get the paper and read it.

The task of psychological preparation for weight loss is still thinking up some pleasant occupation, which would replace the sweet satisfaction of taking a tasty, but not wholesome food. This lesson should be really enjoyable, otherwise the subconscious will not change. For some it’s sports (tennis, swimming, biking), dancing, and for someone else – reading or needlework.Everything is strictly individual.

So you’re mentally prepared to make to start losing weight. Go ahead.

Step Two – Select the power

If you decide to approach the matter with all seriousness, the word “diet” should be avoided. Diet – it is something temporary, but in order to really lose weight and maintain this weight for a long time, we need a new diet. It is also necessary to understand at first. The problem is that the coax will not mind (and so it is all for weight loss), and the subconscious, which does not understand the logic of arguments. The subconscious mind can be persuaded by self-hypnosis, repeating, for example, before going to bed a certain set phrases, pre-prepared: “I have bad such a product.”

Thus, we eliminate from the diet of fatty meats, fatty dairy products, animal fats, sweets, buns, drinks, sugary soft drinks, strong tea and coffee, fried, smoked, salted, spicy food, strong meat, fish and mushroom broth.

There can be lean meats and fish (once a week you can eat fatty fish, they contain essential fatty acids, which accelerate metabolic processes), seafood, low-fat milk and dairy products, vegetables (as in heat-treated or raw) fruits and berries (unsweetened varieties give preference to), cereals (all except the semolina), whole-grain bread.

Diet: meal should be at least six times a day (three regular meals and three snacks). If you really want before going to bed eat something, you can afford a cup of yogurt or unsweetened yogurt, an apple or a salad of fresh cabbage.

Important in this diet – not to starve the body, or else an over-hunger center in the brain. In this case, after a severe diet, you’ll have everything, and not only restore its former weight, but also add to it the extra pounds.

Step Three – exercise

Physical activity need not have one diet to lose weight will not work. The fact that our body has learned to conserve energy. And if it will come from food less than usual, your body just goes to energy efficient mode. This will be expressed in apathy, lack of interest in life, but not in weight loss. This state indicates that you should increase physical activity.

What are the physical activity needed for weight loss? It is established that in order to burn fat started (ie gone to cover energy costs), it takes about forty – fifty minutes of active exercise. During this time, running out of carbs (carbohydrates – the main source of energy) and the body will be forced to turn to their reserves of fat (it’s strategic reserves for a rainy day, its something we are going to destroy).

So, to reduce the fat reserves needed exercise lasting from one hour to one and a half hours. Established that the best fat is burned in the case where short intense workouts are replaced by longer and less intense. These classes meet twice more – three times a week. This enables you to burn fat while maintaining strength and for other activities. Over time, these pressures will be for the body vital and you will learn how to get them to enjoy.

Lose weight if you take him seriously, not too unpleasant process. The challenge is to make it their life style.

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