Lung cancer – Types and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

The diagnosis “cancer” is a person always listens to, like a sentence. And reacts differently to it. Someone goes into itself, closed, crying. And someone is trying to keep the stroke of fate and continues to fight no matter what. Here are just a thought in my head spinning, “Why he came at me?”. Only for smokers is clear. After all, the same warning … On every cigarette pack says that smoking is hazardous to health. They saw the warning and continued to smoke ….

Statistics – this stubborn woman – said that among all cancer Lung cancer is the leading place. And men are sick 7-10 times more often than women. With age, your risk of lung cancer in men increases many times. At the age of 60-69 years the incidence is 60 times higher than the 30-39-year-old.

The main cause of lung cancer, as I wrote, is smoking. Especially dangerous is smoking tobaccos and cheap cigarettes. Risk of developing lung cancer and the family is exposed as a smoker. Tobacco smoke contains many carcinogens. Long-term effects on his lung tissue in long-term smoking leads to disruption of the structure and function of bronchial epithelium, metaplasia (degeneration) in the columnar epithelium stratified squamous and contributes to malignant tumor.

In addition, previous chronic inflammatory diseases of the bronchi and lung tissue, cicatricial changes after suffering a childhood tuberculosis, the centers also contribute to the development of lung cancer.

Of great importance is smoke in the air of large cities, as well as occupational hazards, such as arsenic, asbestos dust, chromium and nickel. People who work for a long time with these substances, develop cancer much more often than others.

Now, to make it clearer, a little anatomy. You know that the lung is an organ of respiration. They are located in the chest. Lungs are composed of parts. Right from the three lobes and the left of the two and the size is smaller than the right due to the fact that the heart is part of the left side of chest.

Sheath around the lungs called the pleura, lungs and helps to protect their movement during breathing. As air enters the trachea into the lungs. The trachea is divided into the bronchi, and they in turn – into smaller bronchi and bronchioles called. At the end of these small branches are very small air sacs – alveoli.

Most often, lung cancer develops in the bronchi, but can also occur in other places, such as in the trachea, bronchioles, or alveoli.

Cancer does not appear overnight. More likely to develop it needs a few years. And it is terrible that appeared in one place, it can metastasize (spread) to other organs and body parts.

Types of Lung Cancer

Cancer is divided into 4 main types of histology (cell) structure:

squamous cell carcinoma
glandular (adenocarcinoma)
small cell
In practical terms, it is very important histological (cell), the structure of cancer because each histological type of lung cancer characterized by the peculiar features of the development.

When large-cancer often have lead the growth of the primary tumor and metastasis is more common infiltrating its distribution in the lung.

By the nature of tumor growth are distinguished, growing as a node in the lumen of the bronchus and infiltrative, growing along the bronchial wall or covering it from the outside (peribronchial tumor). Often found combined or mixed forms of growth.

Localization distinguish the central or basal tumor developing from the large bronchi (the main, lobar, intermediate, and segmental subsegmentarnyh) and peripheral cancers originating from the smaller branches of bronchial tree.

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