Medication on Schedule – A Step To Recovery

The efficacy and side effects of medications can manifest itself in many different ways. And it depends on the point at which they are taken. This means that medication requires a certain time. What is it?

Acceptance of necessity

For most drugs on the market with regard to their admission no particular mystery: they need to be taken when this became necessary. Sleeping pills should be drunk at night, analgesics – after a painful burden, or, conversely, in front of her, and so on. For other medicines have a strict rule – it’s the regularity of, and only when in compliance with the drug takes effect. For example, you need to take every three hours. This is the most common cases of necessity reception. But there are others where the medicine takes a certain time of day.

Different criteria for determining the time of admission:

medicationSide effects that can produce means

Medications that negatively affect the lining of the stomach (in most cases it is anti-inflammatory drugs) will cause less damage when taken with food.

There are medications, which had been on the side effects of nausea and vomiting, so if you take them with food, they are also able to bring less harm to the stomach without causing it to rejection.

If the drug has a sedative effect, calming effect and can cause drowsiness, of course, the best time of reception – evening. Drowsiness, if it is registered in the side effects will not go away, but then it will be easier to move than in any other case, for example, if you’re at work.

By way of suction

When you swallow medicine that you will only run in the organism complex, multi-step process that will last for a long time, when the right components will move through the bloodstream to the affected organ. However, not all drugs can be acquired in the same medium. Some are better absorbed solely on an empty stomach, including those used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. They show 30% less effectiveness when taken with food. On the other hand, some vitamins (e.g., vitamin D) fat soluble, i.e., to benefit the organism they should be dissolved in an oily medium. These should be taken before meals.

On the circadian rhythms of the body

We can even sometimes do not notice it, but our lives according to their own body rhythms at different times of day. Take, for example, cortisone, a hormone in synthetic form is used to treat inflammatory processes. Our body begins its secretion is about four o’clock in the morning, gradually preparing your body to wake up. If you make a tablet containing cortisone evening, the organism would not produce it in the morning, as this will not be necessary. But in this way you will break your circadian rhythm.

There is a time of action and antihistamines, which are struggling with allergic reactions that manifest pronounced in the morning. Duration antihistaminic drugs – twenty-four hours, so you need to take it in the evening to give yourself all the next day without allergies.

Is it so important while taking medication?

Yes, it is. If your doctor prescribes medication, it should be counseled about the features reception. If you bought a vehicle without a prescription at the pharmacy, ask your pharmacist and read the instructions carefully, taking into account all the side effects and contraindications. From the time of drug administration depends its effectiveness.

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