Migraine or Headache – Causes and Treatment

Remember how many times have you heard from others or themselves asking a rhetorical question: “My God, why am I so have a headache?”

Reasons for this may be different. And one of those reasons – a migraine.

What is a migraine, in which not only is a headache, but overall condition is that it is not nice, white light?

Migraine – a recurring bouts of severe, pulsating headache, which is characterized by localization in one-half of the head. This is evident even from the name of the disease. The word migraine comes from the Greek word “mikrani” truncated word “hemicrania”, that is, half a head.

Why Did These Attacks Occur?

Completely the mechanism of unknown. AMU is a higher functional activity in specific centers of the brain that cause certain changes in the trigeminal nerve endings and blood vessels of the brain in the form of “neurogenic inflammation”.

About 70% of patients have a genetic predisposition to migraine. If you ask your parents, find out which one of them, and that both were suffering from migraine.

Migraine is a common disease. It is not related to race, climate or place of residence.

20% of all people suffer from this disease, and 75-80% at least once in their lives suffered “an attack of migraine.”

Statistics show that migraine headaches – a disease of women. Women suffer from it in 4 times more often than men.

There is a disease at a young age – 18-30 years. But in medical practice, described the cases of migraine in children. The main period of migraine accounts for working age – 30-45 years.

Migraine is divided into two types – regular or migraine without aura and classical migraine with aura or.

More than half of patients with attack preceded by phenomena such as depressed mood or euphoria, irritability or lethargy, drowsiness, thirst, frequent urination, nausea, constipation, diarrhea.

These signs of an impending attack may occur over several hours or even days before the attack.

The attack often begins in the morning. The pain is usually intense, throbbing, aggravated by physical effort. Localizes it in the fronto-temporal region. The pain gradually increases and then stabilizes, and then slowly goes away. The total duration of the attack about a day, but there may be variations from 4 to 72 hours. Almost always accompanied by an attack of a lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting less. There is increased sensitivity to light and sound, so these patients should be placed in a quiet, dark room. Many patients stop an attack help sleep or vomiting.

Now Back To The Aura

Aura – a focal neurological symptoms that are characteristic of classical migraine. This is her hallmark. In this case most often cited visual aura. It is manifested light flashes before his eyes, moving flickering dots or luminous zigzags. Headache begins not later than 60 minutes after the aura.

If focal symptoms persist after the headache, they talk about complicated migraine. Currently, Two distinct conditions: migraine with prolonged aura, which lasts from 1 hour to 1 week, and migraine attack, in which focal symptoms persist longer than 1 week. In middle and old age migraine attacks can occur only aura without headache.

Treatment Of Migraine

In the attack the patient should be placed in a quiet dark room, put on your head warm or cold compress, which squeezes a few heads. Some patients can help simple analgesics: 2 tablets of aspirin or paracetamol. With the ineffectiveness of simple analgesics resort to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or combination drugs containing caffeine and barbiturates. But with frequent attacks, when the daily dose of caffeine at least once a week more than 300-500 mg (3-4 cups of coffee), caffeine may worsen the condition, causing a bounce or Abstinent headaches.

Prevention Is The Elimination Of Provoking Factors

Pharmacological treatment is indicated for frequent and severe seizures. Such treatment is assigned to you by a doctor after the test.

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