Plantar Warts: Popular Treatment for The Salvation of Beauty Leg

Plantar warts are painful and create discomfort when walking. All this makes the patient less to move. The result may be a general deterioration of health. Plantar warts are treated, and sometimes this can be done at home.

Plantar WartsMany people who have plantar warts, are suffering from diabetes. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Diabetics should not take risks and be treated independently, as their health condition requires special treatment.

Those who do not have diabetes, may use alternative means of treatment at home. When it comes to plantar warts, particularly important to protect the area around the foot warts. If the affected area accounts for a large part of the weight, any acidic solution applied to the healthy skin will be absorbed and will corrode the skin around the wart. To avoid this, you need to put on a path warts Vaseline.

A very important point in the treatment of plantar warts – to make sure that they always stay dry. You can every day, up to ten times a day, apply to the affected site medical DRYING powder. Socks should be changed at least three times a day. Some people stop for perfect drying even use chlorine. If the plantar wart is always clean and dry, then it has no chance to survive.

Methods of treatment at home

Salicylic acid – Dispensed without a prescription patches and solutions with salicylic acid, which breaks down and exfoliates layers of damaged skin, a little at a time. Usually, the procedure is performed as follows: exposed skin is washed, soaked in water for about 20 minutes, and necrotic tissue is removed with pumice or emery nail files. Then the solution is applied to the wart or a patch is applied. The patches must be changed every 48 hours. The solution should be applied twice a day. To completely remove a wart, the procedure would need to perform in a few weeks.

Preparations for freezing (cryotherapy) – Pharmacies can be purchased without a prescription drugs that were frozen plantar wart. They are not as effective as cryotherapy, conducted by doctors in hospitals. They can reduce the tissue temperature to a level at which the working liquid nitrogen. Treatment can cause pain.

There are also a number of alternative methods of treatment of plantar warts. Some consider them to be effective, but clinical data to support this, are virtually absent. Since warts often disappear on their own, only a thorough research can help determine whether a cure from the use of these methods, or a natural occurrence of infection.

Alternative methods of treatment of plantar warts include:

Treatment with adhesive tape – This method was the result of the mixed results of several clinical studies. It is low cost and some say its effectiveness. On the wart for six days glued to the silver tape. Then the wart is soaked in water and gently remove dead tissue from the affected area with pumice or emery nail files. After 12 hours, the procedure must be repeated. Treatment is carried out until the complete disappearance of warts.

Treatment with apple cider vinegar – The wart is soaked in apple cider vinegar for 20 minutes. Necrotic tissue were carefully removed with a pumice stone or emery nail file, to protect the skin around the affected area to apply petroleum jelly is applied to the wart and then a cotton swab soaked in apple cider vinegar. Tampon fixed plaster. Treatment is carried out as long as the wart will disappear.

Podophyllum – Podophyllum is a plant extract that may be sold under different names such as “American mandrake”, “The Himalayan The May apple” and “Addicted to normal.” Podophyllum ointment has toxic properties, which lead to the death of infected skin cells. Side effects of the use of podophyllaum are pain and irritation. This tool is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

A popular treatment for plantar warts at home is a banana skin. It is applied to the inner side of the wart. It is believed that during this procedure, is drawn out of the skin neoplasm. There are people who claim that this means they help.

For the treatment of plantar warts are also used lemons. Slices of lemon dipped in apple cider vinegar, where they are fermented for two weeks. Then they rub the wart.

Vitamin C tablets. It can be purchased at any pharmacy. Tablets need to pound and attach to the plantar wart. Top dressing is applied.

Several times a day on the plantar wart is applied to extract grapefruit. At the treated area of skin is also bandaged.

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