Potty Training

start potty training Potty training is also known as toilet training and refers to the process by which you train your child on how to use the toilet when defecating or urinating. A potty is usually a small device which is shaped like a bowl. Of major importance in many countries is the cultural factors which play a big role in determining the most appropriate age for a child to undergo potty training. The training period usually lasts about one year to three years depending on the environment. Most children are able to control their bowels before they can control their bladder, with boys beginning and finishing later than girls. So if you have a child and you would like to train him or her to use a potty then of much benefit to you are potty training tips which are meant to guide you on how to potty train your child successfully. Below are the guidelines spelt out for you.

The Preparation Stage

You need to choose the appropriate time to start training. You child should be in a position to follow the basic commands and use of word such as toilet, poop and pee. If your child can pull his or her pant down by him or herself and shows willingness to cooperate and be independent, chances are that he or she will successfully grasp the basics easily.

You also need to purchase a potty and while doing this you may consider taking your child along so he or she is excited about the whole idea. It is advisable to buy a potty that is easy to clean. For boys a potty having a splash guard would be much better. Some potties also have a padded ring that can fit on the adult toilet and this makes it easy for the child to shift from the potty to an adult toilet.

You also need to buy enough underpants for training which are usually manufactured with padding to assist in preventing accidents. You may buy underpants that have your child’s favorite television character or book.

Finally initiate conversations about the potty training with your child so that when you introduce, it is not a totally strange thing to the child.

The Training

A successful potty train needs ample time at the initial stages. At this time you also need to put extra focus on your child and clean up any accidents that may happen.

Being casual in the event of an accident promotes a positive attitude towards the potty. If you get angry when an accident happens then your child will link your being unhappy with the potty. Never force your child to sit on the potty.

You also need to get the type of clothing that is easy to undress when your child needs to use the potty. For girls, dresses or skirts are useful since they can be easily lifted at potty time. You can also buy pants or shorts that have elastic waists for boys. Training during winter is not an easy task since the child is usually dressed in layers of clothing. Some children need privacy while others need the company of their parents when using the potty. It is therefore important to be sensitive to this.

For your child to put effort during potty training you may promise him or her candy reward or a chart if they are successful while using the potty. This makes children want to be in control so that they are rewarded for their sole efforts.

Nothing comes easy and no gain is made without any pain. It is advisable that you expect setbacks during the potty train process. Setbacks can be due to illness or shift in attention. If such happens you need to remain calm and try as much as possible to reassure you child so he or she does not feel that you will love them less.

Benefits of Performing Potty Training Early

The earlier you train your child on how to use a potty the better and easier it is for the child. There are a number of benefits that come with carrying out the potty train early and they include the following:

  • When you train your children early they are less enthusiastic about shifting from using diapers to using the potty.
  • Older children are usually used to ignoring the signals they are given by their bladder or bowel since they still assume the diaper is still in place.
  • Older children are also more comfortable and have already gotten used to defecating in the diaper. This promotes laziness since the child will not want to interrupt his/her TV watching of playtime.
  • Early potty training has also helped to develop a child’s ability to postpone gratification, improve their self adjustment and self control skills and also promote their social skills.
  • Early potty training also improves the child’s ability to learn and apply a sense of independence and capability. This boosts any child’s confidence and self esteem.
  • When you train your children on how to use the potty it shows your respect towards them.
  • The use of potty also has financial benefits since you no longer have to constantly spend huge amounts of money buying diapers every month. Remember diapers also have to come with diaper creams and cleaning wipes which can be costly.
  • Diapers are also known to cause rashes. An early potty train is better for your children’s health and you may use such training educate your children on personal hygiene.
  • If you are the parent who prefers taking a child to a Daycare centre, you must be worried about how frequently your child gets changed at the Daycare. A child who is trained and understands how to use a potty is more flexible in any Daycare.
  • Finally, the use of potty is of great benefit to the environment. Diapers are usually disposable and research has shown that they take many years to decompose completely. Using a potty will be friendly to the environment since the sewage system is used by adults and children.

In conclusion, it is very important to study your child’s development if you are to have a smooth training. Your child should be your best friend throughout the period. Potty training is the key to huge financial savings in any home.

start potty training

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