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Of all the apps available on the Android Market, it seems that half are immature fart apps, and the rest are media players. While those figures may well be exaggeration on our part, the truth is the basic music players of smartphones just don’t cut it for most people. Sure, if all you’re after is the odd tune the rare time you have to get the bus into town, then the basic application is _ ne, but if you’re a regular music listener then you’ll be well aware of the problems of in-built media software. So it’s up to the Android Market to fill this gap; which then offers a tough decision: just which one is right for you?

PowerAMP Media Player

If you’re not willing to spend money, then we’ll direct you to the Winamp app, but everyone else will want to take note of PowerAMP Media Player. It’s largely the quality of everything that makes PowerAMP the very best paid-for media player. Its sleek, uncluttered menus do nothing to hinder navigation, though the buttons are perhaps a little small and could cause issue on smaller devices. There are no gimmicks: transfer your songs onto your phone and play. And of course PowerAMP will automatically download cover art – if you require it to – so you won’t be left staring at a blank screen either.

An in-built equaliser means you can adjust the various dials to tune your audio to your preference, use any of the presets or even create your own for regular use. Unlike most other equalisers on the Market, this one is unlimited, smooth and effective.

That’s it for obvious features, however it’s the behind-the-scenes tweaks that really impress. A multitude of options are available for crossfade and gapless listening, as well as specific adjustments to the equaliser for the more confident music fan. There’s even a handful of UI themes, for those who like customisation.

Additionally, PowerAMP is one of the few media players on the market that enables lock-screen controls, giving users the opportunity to skip or alter songs without having to unlock the device and enter the app itself. Not to mention the four different widgets available for your home screen, ranging from full-screen menus to 4×1 slots including cover art. It really is an impressive, well-designed and considered media player, and well worth your money. If you’re still unconvinced, try the 14-day trial version to see just how right we are.

Price: £3.06/£5.02 Developer: Max MP

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