Rain Alarm Pro

A weather app that rings a bell…

Given the volatility of summertime, Rain Alarm Pro proves a surprisingly handy warning app that notifies users of incoming rain (and snow if things get really chilly) by an alarm on your phone. Helpful for long days out, a BBQ, shopping trips or even if you’ve just got your washing on the line, the alarm will sound when it detects rain or snowfall within around 20 miles of your current location.

Rain Alarm Pro

Using the GPS locater on your phone, the app is extremely accurate; warnings can come within minutes of rain or snow hitting your area, leaving plenty of time to react before the weather takes a turn for the worst and leaves you drenched.

The alarm displays information on how far away the weather is, the strength and its current location. If you use the widget on the Home screen then you’ll find it adds some extra detail, including precipitation levels without any alarm, allowing you to scope out the weather at your own convenience. The customisation features make it easy to tweak the settings depending on your activity, making sure that the app is optimised to your needs.

Satellite maps also track the weather coming in. You can watch the direction the rain or snow is heading in with up-to-date radar animations, as the clouds loom forward over your location. The app uses Google Maps, which comes loaded on Android phones, as a background map that works alongside the radar animations of the incoming weather.

There is an alternative version of the app in case you don’t have Google Maps – Rain Alarm Pro OSM – which uses OpenStreetMap as a substitute. Both of which work seamlessly, providing fast and accurate reports on the encroaching weather patterns.

A free version of Rain Alarm is also available, loaded with adverts. However, its bigger drawback is that it features a silent alarm, so the end result is that it’s nowhere near as e_ ective as the Pro version with its audible alarms proving a saving grace. A polished, reliable and very accurate application, loaded with a slew of features, including animated maps to keep an eye on the weather and a widget that slims down all the information.

Rain Alarm Pro proves itself a worthy application to keep installed on your Android handset. Frankly, when it comes to the British weather, you’ll soon find it indispensable and a worthy investment for keeping your days out dry. It’s cheaper than an umbrella too.

Price: £2.65/$4.29 Developer: Michael Diener

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