Rash Between Fingers – May Be A Sign Of Scabies

Rash between the toes is often a sign of contact dermatitis or scabies. It is not always immediately possible to understand what it is, so the best option by itself in this case is a timely visit to a dermatologist.

Causes of mange

The cause of scabies – scabies infestation. This is a microscopic mite of not more than 0.4 mm. It’s life expectancy is about two months. The disease is caused by the activities of the female, the male immediately after its fertilization on the surface of the skin dies. The fertilized female penetrates the surface layers of the skin and makes it long strokes, laying their eggs, which later formed the larva. Larvae emerge on the surface of the skin, and there for two weeks turn into adults.

Become infected with scabies by close contact with a sick person, including through sexual contact, and through the objects used by the patient – lingerie, toys and so on.

Mites do not tolerate cold – the cold, they die almost immediately. A temperature of 60 ° C mites can live for hours. In the environment at room temperature mites can live for three days.

The main symptoms of scabies

Scabies is always accompanied by severe itching. But the itch is not caused by the movements of the female mite and allergy to highlight it. Therefore, if a man for the first time in his life had contracted scabies, itching, it will not be long – so that there was an allergic reaction to the response time of at least several weeks. But if it is re-infection, itching appears much earlier. The average incubation period (time from infection to the first signs of the disease) ranges from one to six weeks.

The first sign of the disease is severe itching that is worse at night. Typical environments scabies lesions are areas where the skin is the most delicate – the genitals, the inner surface of the forearm, between the toes. But the mite can spread to the whole body.

Often itch mite burrows into the skin it is in the hands of the inter digital spaces for the first time and itching in this area is the only sign of the disease. In this case, on-site implementation of mite on closer inspection, you can see the itch moves – the line length of up to 0.5 cm in pink or gray. At one end of the course you can see the point (tick) or a small vial of clear content. At the site of entry and exit tick appear as small elements rash. These paired elements are combined in a rash with itching, worse at night, are the most prominent feature of scabies.

Constant scratching leads to the introduction of a bacterial infection in the wound, then scabies is complicated postural rash or fungus. In the long process of such a transition in his eczema – a chronic allergic or infectious-allergic disease.

How to detect scabies mites

In order to more clearly see the itch moves, to lubricate the skin surface with an alcoholic solution of iodine. Scabies mites reveal the following: the affected skin for a few minutes cause a 10% solution of alkali, followed by Squishy dead skin scraped off the surface layers of the skin and look under a microscope. But in that scrape the tick is not always possible to detect, so it is often diagnosed by the typical symptoms of the disease.

In the initial stage of the disease when only a rash and itching between the fingers, the disease can be confused with simple or atopic dermatitis, where the same appearance of skin irritation associated with some substance or with an allergic reaction to a stimulus. But the experienced dermatologist will always see manifestations of scabies, so the appearance of a rash should see a doctor.

How is scabies

Treatment for scabies is conducted locally. Rubbed into the skin for five consecutive days once a day sulfuric ointment (adults 20% ointment is applied, the children – 10.5%). Once the treatment is over, the next day to wash and change clothes.

Apply a 20% ointment benzyl (children 10%), it is rubbed into the surface of the body, on the fourth day and the procedure was repeated. After another day to wash.

Today, for the treatment of scabies is most often used spray Spread that once applied to the body, and after 12 hours are washed with soap and water and change clothes.

Very important hygienic prevention measures: linen washed, boiled and ironed on both sides. The top winter clothes can be taken into the cold for one – two hours. Furthermore, there is a special steam treatment outerwear.

After treatment the itch passes at once – it can stay for a few weeks – it says its an allergic nature.

If a rash between the fingers need to see a doctor.

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