Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Myths and Misconceptions

Often, talking to people, I am amazed at what they have strange ideas about sexually transmitted diseases and how they transfer. Their distorted ideas people share with each other and as a result of the myths are born. These myths, or, otherwise, errors and we now analyze.

Misconception first

It is believed that if a man urinate and obmoet genitals after sexual intercourse, then this will reduce the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Such an assertion is wrong. The risk, of course, will decrease, but only rely on the effectiveness of this method is not necessary.

Misconception second

Women firmly believes in the possibility of irrigation, and as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, it is used after sexual intercourse. But the effect of this event at exactly the same as in men. There is a risk snizhetsya, but no guarantees. But it is possible to move an existing infection in the upper sections of the reproductive system, leading to the development of complications in the form of inflammation of the uterus and appendages. In addition, douching is a risk factor for bacterial vaginosis.

Mislead third

Many believe that the use of chlorhexidine is a reliable method of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. But this is not true. The use of chlorhexidine does not guarantee that you will not become infected. But that’s cause bacterial vaginosis in women he can.

Misunderstanding the fourth

If someone thinks that venereal disease can be caught in the basin, such timid can relax and enjoy swimming. Catch in the pool can be, for example, Giardia, but not a venereal disease. The fact that the pathogens of STDs in the external environment is very unstable and quickly perish. Well, the single surviving organisms to cause disease can not, because it takes a massive inflow of infection.

Misconception fifth

Some comfort themselves with the illusion that sex with a person who regularly, because their work is checked for the presence of genital infections, completely devoid of risk of contracting venereal disease. What deception! Unfortunately, with such medical examination surveys include only a general smear and serological tests for syphilis. In this case a “bunch” of other sexually transmitted diseases such as genital herpes, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia remains unnoticed. Well, taking into account that often dies of medical examinations in general put in absentia, you should think, is it really safe having unprotected sex with these people.

The Myth of condoms

I had heard tales that there are pores in condoms, which passed the AIDS virus and pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases. Such stories do not correspond to reality.


Sex with a married man (or a married woman) does not pose a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. This myth is particularly tenacious among unmarried men and unmarried women and is also an illusion. Married men and married women are people too and nothing human is alien to them. And who knows what they have in the past. And to be able to not cured or asymptomatic sexually transmitted.

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