Signs of Diffuse Changes of The Pancreas – Pay Attention to The Patient’s Condition

Conclusion ultrasound (U.S.) on the presence of diffuse changes in the pancreas itself, nothing says. The patient’s condition in this report may be as a very serious and not serious. But most of all, this patient did not show any complaints.

The combination of ultrasound findings with the dire state of the patient

Changes in diffuse pancreatic conclusion ultrasound only says that in the pancreas have any evenly distributed throughout the tissue changes. In acute pancreatitis, the disease begins with what is broken outflow of pancreatic juice, which leads to the development of edema throughout its fabric. That is what will be seen on ultrasound as a diffuse change gland tissue, which in itself is nothing to tell your doctor.

But if such a conclusion compare with biochemical analysis of blood and urine samples to determine the concentration of pancreatic enzymes, as well as the state of the patient, the doctor immediately becomes clear that the patient has an initial stage of acute pancreatitis, and it needs immediate hospitalization.

Acute pancreatitis – this is one of the most serious diseases, which is accompanied by severe pain and the development of a painful shock. If the patient at this time will not be given medical assistance, under the action of pancreatic juice, which accumulates in the body, will begin the digestion of tissue (necrosis) of cancer. The patient’s condition deteriorate further, it is possible even death.

The same thing happens during exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, but exacerbation occur not as hard as acute pancreatitis, and in some cases the patient can be treated at home.

Terms of outpatient treatment

If the patient has an ultrasound revealed diffuse changes of the pancreas, it presents a number of complaints, but overall it is not suffering, in biochemical assays, no major shifts, such a state can be regarded as a reduced function of the pancreas. The patient may be sent for further examination in a specialized gastroenterology department of the hospital or outpatient survey for the diagnosis and identification of reasons for the decline of pancreatic function.

Most of these phenomena occur when the erased during chronic pancreatitis when the patient is not heavy on the exacerbation of not paying attention, but they cause a gradual replacement of pancreatic tissue by connective tissue. Patients may complain of slight pain in the upper abdomen, diarrhea, bloating, which are often mistaken for symptoms of other diseases.

To treat or not

If a patient during an ultrasound examination showed evidence of diffuse changes of the pancreas, but he makes no complaints, the doctor usually does not appoint him additional tests and treatment.

Such a conclusion, ultrasound is often in the elderly or in people with diabetes – such states lead to metabolic disorders. In addition, any disease of the digestive system (especially the liver and biliary tract), long flowing diseases of other organs and circulatory disorders (eg, atherosclerosis) can lead to disturbance.

Sometimes violations of this kind occur in patients younger and middle age, which is likely, says the adjourned once an attack of acute pancreatitis, which proceeded not so heavy, that it can be memorized.

Diffuse changes of the pancreas in the U.S., if the patient no complaints – this, in general, a positive conclusion, since it excludes the presence of focal lesions. A focal changes, even if the patient no matter what is not complaining, always require careful examination.

The cause of focal lesions of the pancreas on ultrasound are tumors, cysts, stones, hemorrhage – an ultrasound to distinguish one from the other is difficult. The main danger, of course, are malignant tumors that quite successfully treated in early stages and are almost impossible to treat in the later.

Do I need to do ultrasound of the pancreas?

Of course, you need a simple, convenient and painless diagnostic method for patients of the study. Despite the fact that by itself it is nothing said in the analysis of the results of a comprehensive examination of the patient, he can play a decisive role. But in reading the conclusion of ultrasound, you should always remember that it is not written for the patient and the treating physician.

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