How to Speed Up Metabolism?

Correct the body’s metabolism – a guarantee of good feeling and that is very important for many people, the ideal body weight. If the metabolic processes taking place too slowly, then sooner or later, there are unwanted fat with all the consequences. It is therefore important to know how to speed up the metabolism – nothing complicated or uncomfortable in a complex of such procedures do not.

We must bear in mind that the metabolic rate is usually measured when a person is at rest, and his body expends energy derived solely to maintain the basic functions – breathing, renewal of cells, internal organs, maintaining body temperature. Doctors estimate that it is these processes on a daily basis can take up to seventy percent of energy costs. Some of them did not tend to associate slowing of metabolism with the appearance of being overweight: it heavy bone and muscle mass is palpable require a proper flow of energy.Men metabolism occurs in about twenty to thirty percent faster than women. The fair sex can boast as high rates of metabolism between the ages of fifteen and eighteen years. During pregnancy, the metabolism is also accelerated because the female body is forced to adapt to the rapidly growing body weight and in parallel to meet the energy needs of the child.

speed up metabolism

Proper nutrition

The most important meal in terms of acceleration of metabolism is the breakfast. The fact is that at night while people slept, all the processes in his body slowed down, and metabolism as well. Start the latter can only be, if you eat a certain amount of food. The breakfast is considered the optimal energy value in three or four hundred calories, and its composition should prevail complex carbohydrates – whole grain breads, cereals or porridge, fresh fruit. The digestion of carbohydrates takes longer, and because the hunger for a long time does not occur. In general, throughout the day it is desirable to eat four or five times with small portions.

It speeds up metabolism and increased protein content of foods. The organism digests them more slowly than fat or, for example, starch, expending more calories. For example, to burn two or three hundred calories a day, he can burn in if the proteins are up to twenty to thirty percent of the diet.

Metabolic processes markedly inhibited when cells lack oxygen, and this, in turn, suggests that the body lacks the iron. Externally train anoxia may manifest as fatigue and weakness. We recommend at least three times a day to eat foods rich in iron, – corn, soybeans, apples, beef liver, chicken. Burn the fat and calcium helps: the daily needs of the organism in this trace is 1,200 milligrams. Take calcium in the form of finished products is useless, no matter how expensive they were not – it is well absorbed from dairy products only.

Healthy lifestyle

Accelerate the metabolism promotes, among other things, a deep and restful sleep, which also stimulates the secretion of growth hormone the body. This is exactly what occurs on a background of burning calories and reducing weight gain.

Another popular way to speed up metabolism – regular exercise with weights, running, jumping, walking trails. Even ordinary cycling pushes excess fat burning for an hour-plus after its cessation. It is only important to complete all of their sports training, not later than three hours before bedtime. Massage, sauna, steam bath and infrared sauna, all water treatments, ranging from the banal soul – all this extra metabolism boosters. This also should include adequate fluid intake, including ordinary drinking water and fresh air. Lovers of exquisite and extravagant can try to get rid of excess pounds through aromatherapy – particularly effective is often juniper oil, which improves blood circulation and dilates blood vessels.

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