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This will help yoo spel properly

While text speak may have nudged the need to spell correctly down the list of priorities for many a phone user, there are still times where you’ll need to get the correct spelling for a text, email or just for the sake of being literate. This is where Spell Checker Pro steps up and performs this essential task.

Spell Checker ProVersatility is obviously the most important thing here, and Spell Checker Pro earns top marks. As you might expect, it has the basic function of allowing you to copy and paste text into the correct box. When Spell Checker Pro questions the spelling of a word, it’ll highlight it in red and, when tapped, gives you options on what it thinks the word you were trying to spell was.

Easy to use, and the simple layout also helps. There are various languages to choose, from English to Danish, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Swedish and Polish. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to break down English further so you have, say, an American English option. But as we say, it’s versatility that’s where you’d imagine a spell checker earns its stripes, and that’s definitely the case for Spell Checker Pro.

You can access the app via the notification bar, so it saves on the needless legwork if you want to quickly send a text or do something trivial. Even better, the app itself allows you to send mail and messages, update Facebook, tweet and so on, which means you can quickly and painlessly make Spell Checker Pro an integral part of your Android experience. It also has voice recognition, so you can say the words to check the spelling. This is very hit and miss, however, and isn’t nearly as reliable as just typing the word. Even so, if updated, we can imagine that this will make foreign language spell-checking incredibly easy.

What’s holding Spell Checker Pro back from earning an illustrious five-star rating is its rather bizarre demand that you have internet access each time you want to use the app. This is presumably the concession it makes for the fact that it’s such a small download – its word databanks are kept on the Spell Checker Pro servers, we assume – but this seems like a needless solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. It means you need internet access to use the app, and while that won’t be a problem most of the time, it does mean the app isn’t quite perfect. A shame but, even so, this app is still highly recommended.

Price: £1.88 Developer: Androidsx

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