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Buzz, buzz, buzzzz… test your knowledge in a spelling bee

Spelling Bee is yet another great educational application from famed developers Socratica. The application allows you to study words and then test your knowledge in a spelling bee.

Spelling BeeThe great thing about Spelling Bee is its versatility; thanks to its difficulty settings it can be suitable for both children and young adults with easier difficulties tasking you with spelling much simpler words such as ‘shopping’ while harder difficulties may ask you to spell words such as ‘magnanimity’.

The study option allows you to read up and learn or revise words before testing your newfound knowledge in a spelling bee. This can either be done in a timed quick-_ re fashion or you can disable the timer in the settings to provide a slower and more relaxed pace. Additionally you can customise how long the spelling bee is and set how many rounds you’d like to play, meaning you can have a short and quick session or a longer test after some deep, engrossed studying.

There are thousands of words built into the application so you’ll constantly be finding and learning new ones. Spelling Bee is also aesthetically one of the nicest applications we’ve seen of its kind, with bright and colourful backgrounds and easy-to-read fonts – it’s a real bargain for its tiny price tag.

The only issue we experienced while playing was with the voice that reads words out in the spelling bee – it is very generic and almost reminiscent of Microsoft Sam. As such, it was sometimes hard to actually understand what it was you were supposed to be writing down.

The music is fun and fits the application’s aesthetic, although if found irritating it can easily be disabled with a tap. Spelling Bee is a great way for both children and adults to learn and revise their vocabulary and features thousands of words varying in complexity.
For just over 60p (approx 99c), you can’t really go wrong!

Price: £0.61/$0.99 Developer: Socratica, LLC

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