Teaching Kids to Handle Ferrets

When children get a new pet, they are excited and happy to add it to their home. The problem is they may not know how to handle the pet they are getting. Ferrets are one of those animals that are not always a good fit for children. If you still plan on getting one for a child, you should be able to teach them how to handle ferrets.

Handle Ferrets

  • No Pulling. You don’t want your children to pull at a ferret’s tail or limbs. You also want to teach your child how to not pick them up. If they are picked up in the wrong way or if they are pulled too hard, they can get hurt. Your child would feel horrible if they hurt their new pet or worse, killed them. If your children are under the age of ten, they probably should not even be handling a ferret.
  • Picking Up Your Ferret Properly. Picking a ferret up is not hard. They have a long slinky body that allows you to just scoop them up from underneath. This is the best way to pick a ferret up without hurting them in any way. Sometimes they will roll and try to get out of your grip. This is an indication they don’t want to be handled and should be left alone. If you continue to hold a ferret that wants to run, you may get bit or scratched. Normally they don’t bite hard, but it can scare you and you may drop the ferret. This could hurt him and cause you to lose him in the home.
  • Dangers from a Ferret That Doesn’t Want To Be Handled. There are a few dangers from a ferret that does not want to be held. They can bite as mentioned in the previous paragraph. If this happens, you should release the ferret and make sure the ferret has not bitten too hard. Clean the bite as you would with any other animal. If he has been vaccinated, there should be no problems. You can also be scratched from a ferret that wants to be left alone. This is why it’s important to keep the nails trimmed. If they are not taken care of properly, they can be very sharp and cause scars. Children should not trim a ferret’s nails as they may trim them too low and cause them to bleed.

Ferrets can be trained and can be great pets for children, but the child has to be able to handle and understand what a ferret needs.. They do take work and need to be handled properly. If you are willing to take the time to learn how to take care of this animal and how to handle it so you can teach your children, you can have a good experience. Do take the time and energy it takes to own this kind of pet so you can be happy with him and build a strong bond.

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