Treatment of Acne

Think of it, popped a pimple on chin. It would seem that such a little trouble, but that may be annoying? How much experience starts right away, especially in young girls. The first date with a guy at risk! Is it possible to appear in such a cavalier in his eyes? And so in desperation the young beauty, spinning in different directions before the mirror, trying to squeeze a sharp claws hated bump. And a nasty pimple becomes even bigger, and redness around the stands, and under strong pressure added blue with black.

By the end of difficult manipulations reflected like an evil character from the children’s horror film – hair and spots on the face of nervous tension, swollen lower jaw with a huge bruise and deep scratches from the nails. Appearance, as well as mood, ruined completely. A romantic date fell, have a couple of days, and even before the week is to gloss over the face of foundation, so that even among her friends do not look like a scarecrow. Who of the girls did not know this situation?

treatment of acne

Business card failure

Every teenager is faced with problem skin. Only some pimply poorly expressed or acne appears in places that may be hidden under clothing. And sprinkle all the other face, neck, arms and back, protruding above the surface of the skin of red, white and black heads. The most frightening look at the swollen pimples, ready to burst at any moment. In accidents with similar rashes, usually no friends and even acquaintances. Peers are afraid that the liquid mass in the literal sense of the word break free and be the face and body with a person standing nearby.

The reasons for the rash of adolescent

Many are subjected to ridicule, with a touch of disgust and disdain. And not only girls – the object of negative attention, young men also fall into the category of rogue states. Therefore, resorting to common methods that promises a quick escape from acne. However, most of them are only temporarily helpful, because it does not eliminate the cause. The main culprits of teenage acne – it’s hormonal changes. For example, during puberty increases the level of androgens, which gives a sharp increase in the production of sebaceous glands. Excessive fat is produced a secret, the pores are closed and form pimples.

Teenage acne treatment

Wrong are those who think that is enough to anoint miracle pimple cream commercials and all disappear without a trace. In fact, the new-fangled medicines contain a large amount of antibiotics disruptive intestinal microflora, and this is leading to serious diseases, such as developing resistant bacteria overgrowth and purulent dermatitis. To address the quality of the true causes of acne need to clean the body. Helps you quickly and effectively solve the problem of modern medicine in a series of sorbents – Polysorb.

All toxic substances pass through the digestive system, where most of them are absorbed and the blood is carried to the organs. A drug based on natural silicon identify disease-causing microbes that connects them to form complexes and removes from the body. For a full treatment course is required to take 10-14 days sorbent. Need to guzzle to 3 grams (one packet) or a tablespoon with a hill 3 times a day, 1.5 hours after ingestion. Polysorb can be used at different stages of adolescent hormonal surges. After all, he has no absolute contraindications.

Purely female eels
Often, acne “attend” the fair sex in adulthood. Respectable ladies, being late for business meetings, hiding the face under the wide-brimmed hats … Housewives, ducking low, moves to the supermarkets, trying to quickly gain the necessary food, and escape from the obsessive ally in your walls. Spoiled beauty no one wants to demonstrate. However, the main source of skin rash among women from 20 to 40 years – it’s a steroid restructuring in the last phase of the menstrual cycle. They usually appear a week before menstruation and are localized in the nasolabial triangle.

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