Trout Fishing Tips

Fishing for trout is something that a lot of fisherman enjoy in the US and there are quite a few species that can be found there, including brown trout, golden trout, brook trout, cut throat trout, bull trout and rainbow trout. They have varied colors and they come in all kinds of sizes, the two depending on the place where they live. The trout is a fish which can be found in freshwater but its behavior will not be the same in all types of water. Streams, ponds and lakes have trout which behave differently, so just because you’re very good at catching them in streams it doesn’t automatically mean that you will do the same in other types of water. Trout is usually found in ponds and streams that exist at higher altitudes, so it can be an adventure as well when you go fishing for it.

Trout Fishing

Rainbow trout and brown trout can usually be found in colder water, so it’s considered a bit more difficult, since you need to fish for it in the mountains and in water that is not always pleasant to withstand. You can fish for it in every single season, though when the water is covered with ice the trout will stay in the deeper parts of the water.

The way you will prepare for the trout fishing trip should depend on the weather and the season when you’re doing it. You not only need the fishing gear necessary to catch trout, but also the equipment and the clothing necessary to survive in cold weather, even during the night and extreme conditions.

Your first step should be to look at the laws concerning the area where you want to fish, mainly because you’re not allowed to fish everywhere. Also, check out your fishing rod and make sure it’s OK and that the reel is working fine. Some of the popular rods available on the market for trout fishing are made by Okuma, Abu Garcia, Ambassadeur or Daiwa. Make sure you do regular maintenance on your fishing equipment, so it doesn’t fail you during your fishing trip, when you’re far away from home and you can’t do anything about it.

Most trout can be fished successfully in the vicinity of rapids. You need to find the spots where they enjoy staying and you need to make as little noise as possible, so you don’t scare it away.

The bait which can be used to fish trout includes live bait, power bait, cheese based bait, bubble gum and salmon eggs. You need bait which will barely cover the hook. The live bait in question consists of either meal worms or night crawlers. Another good choice is bait which consists of cheese.

The size of the hook is generally between 8 and 12, with the bigger sizes being used for live bait. If you want to make sure you catch bigger trout instead of a lot of trout, go with big bait, so that the smaller trout can’t eat it.

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