Weight Loss and Diets – Things to Know

What exactly is diet and how can this help you in your weight loss purpose? First of all you should understand diet as a way to control the food that you intake with every meal. This comes as a plan that is drawn in accordance to your body’s particularities.

It is necessary to take into account these particularities because only in this way you can give your body what it needs to lose weight properly and in a healthy way. No one can see the weight loss purpose as the motivation to starve. Depriving your body from food can be very dangerous since without nutrients your body can not function normally and it may even end with severe consequences for your state of health. So dieting has nothing to do with starvation.

Following there are four diet procedures that can help you lose weight in a safe and healthy manner:

Diet #1. Low fat dietary plan. This procedure goes for reducing the fat intake and in this way the fat that exists already in the body will be burned for the energy that your body needs throughout the day. This diet can help you lose around 4 kg of fat in a period of 2 to 3 months.

Diet #2. Low calorie dietary plan. This procedure will help in reducing the energy production by 1,000 calories and as a result your body will lose around 0.5 kg of its mass per week.

Diet #3. Very low calorie dietary plan. Through this procedure the intake of fat and carbohydrates is reduced to the minimum. In this way the calories per day will be limited to 200 up to 800. The result shows that your body will lose around 1.5 up to 2.5 kg of its mass per week. But generally speaking, this diet is more associated with starvation and for this fact is not recommended for many persons since it can as well bring undesired side effects. In case you think of following this plan, you should definitely consult with the doctor and a nutritionist for following this plan in a more balanced and healthier way.

Diet #4. Low carb dietary plan. This procedure has become very popular among the ones who pursue weight loss purpose. But if you consult with a doctor in this regard you will find that they won’t agree with this program due to the fact that without carbs your body may present severe health problems.