Yogurt Diet – A Soft Way of Getting Rid of Excess Weight

In the world there are hundreds of the most diverse diets, whose meaning is one: as soon as possible to get rid of the hated extra pounds. Yogurt diet among all the other occupies a special place, since the restriction of food comfortably, and the main dairy product and still tasty. Such a diet is soft, without stress, the result is quite sure – five to seven pounds in ten days.

What is yogurt

yogurt dietYogurt – a product of fermenting milk with bacteria colonies special. Particularly popular was a delicious yogurt are just a few decades ago, thanks to massive advertising world’s leading producers of milk. However, this useful product known to mankind for many millennia. Close relatives may be called an Indian yogurt dish sour dahi, an ancient Turkish Thracian milk. Chekize, Tarak, yoghurt, Leben, metsorad, yoghurt – yoghurt names in different nations. The basis of preparation of these drinks is the same technology, with local peculiarities.

Historians believe that the very first yogurt prepared Thracian shepherds noticed that after fermentation of milk in leather bags is a new delicious product. After the conquest of Thrace Turks Turkish yogurt drink gradually became out of that country’s east began a triumphant spread around the world. His name was yogurt from the Turkish word yaurt, which means “fermented milk”.

Basic principles of diet yogurt

Basic principles of yoghurt diet are simple and accessible to everyone – a balanced diet of protein, no hunger, as the basis – the total weight of yogurt in 500 ml, which must be taken for fractional 5-6 times a day. For half an hour before meals is recommended acceptance cup warm water. The total amount of liquid should not exceed two liters a day. At this dinner is best done not later than 19 hours.

During the daily diet allowed three hundred grams of receiving any fruits, except grapes, watermelons, melons and bananas, dried fruit and any berries, non-starchy vegetables, lean meats and fish. Salt, sugar and spices in harsh dieting is better to exclude from your diet altogether. Yogurt diet designed set. One option may be a regimen of food portions:

  • One cup of yogurt plus 200 ml of pomegranate juice, diluted with water.
  • One large apple, tangerine or two, or orange.
  • Soup of natural yoghurt with cucumber, a teaspoon of olive oil and herbs. One hundred grams of cooked lean meat with vegetables, steamed. Cup of yogurt and 200 ml of pomegranate juice.
  • Afternoon tea.Green tea without sugar, 100 g fruit salad, seasoned yogurt.
  • Yogurt with string beans or cooked carrots. A glass of pomegranate juice.

The total calorie daily diet with a diet of 1100-1200 calories, because there is a rapid weight loss. Doctors do not recommend the diet for more than ten days.

Advantages and disadvantages of a diet

The apparent advantage of yogurt diet is its accessibility and convenience. Besides yogurt, allowed use of other low-calorie foods, because such a diet losing weight easy to carry: this is a pleasure and luxury as yogurt, like most dairy products, reduces feelings of hunger. However, not all such a diet is recommended: contraindications may be allergic to citrus fruits and dairy products, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

The disadvantage of the diet is its passion for individual fans, because this diet is quite varied, but the effect is fast, many people abuse the duration of the diet. As a result, there have been serious metabolic disorders. Losing weight is easy, much harder to keep him after any diet.

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